No more wasted years

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  1. I don't want to waste my years,
    Life's too short to be living in fear.
    no time to look back on the years I have lost,
    It's time to move forward and take up my cross.

    Jesus is breaking the chains that bound me.
    I'm running the race for my Shepherd has found me.
    I'm leaving behind the past and its tears,
    I'm looking ahead. No more wasted years.

    I don't want to lose another day,
    as time passes by and life's thrown away.
    I'm looking around at what God's hand has given.
    No more wasted years, it's time to start living.

    Today I want to change my behaviour,
    from this moment on to walk like my saviour.
    I'm ready to leave every doubt, guilt, and fear,
    I'm coming to you, Lord, no more wasted years.
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  2. Amen
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  3. You know, I was just feeling defeated and I saw this and decided to read it. Thank you for that! Amen! No more wasted years!
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  4. Beautiful!!!!

    Thank you for sharing...
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  5. God bless you. Sometimes I feel defeated too, but in Christ we are more than conquerers. No matter how bad things get, I find that when I spend time with Him I get a new perspective, new hope, and renewed strength. Peace to you.
  6. Thank you!

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