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Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by Kayte, Jan 6, 2015.

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    I apologize if this post is inappropriate for this site.

    I have been a member for a while now. I haven't been active on here for a long time, though. A lot has happened since I last logged in. My family has decided to move across Canada, for the second time. I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve. And, I realized I am Agnostic.

    Some of you might be asking, "Why?" Well, I was a Christian. Born and raised. However, we did not go to church regularily until I was thirteen. I am fifteen now. Anyways, the main reason I have left the Christian faith is because I was finding myself being more and more annoyed when people talked about God, and the things they believe, such as "gay is not okay", "interracial relationships are terrible", etc. Now, I know not every Christian is like that, but the Christians I know are. And most of the new ones I meet are, too. It just confuses me how a religion that preaches love can be so hateful.

    I have also realized that I still think there is some sort of higher power. However, I sometimes teeter on the edge of Atheism as well. I find myself contemplating the world, galaxies, and space a lot now. Are there other dimensions? Past lives? Life on other planets? The reason I can think like this now is because my thoughts are not shunted by the Bible saying there is only this world, and God made only us. Do you ever wonder the things I do? Maybe you think abandoning God was a drastic decision that was unnecesary, but there is also a personal element to my change of religion. I do not believe anymore.

    I know I will get a flood of replies because of this, and I apologize if I have angered any of you. It was not my intention. I just wished to share this, not sure why. I do not know anyone personally on here, but I suppose I would like to share my change of mind.

    I also want to say that my parents do not know about this. I have not told them about this website, so they cannot find this post. This is for my own safety and peace of mind. Who knows what could happen if they find out I am not a Christian? They might force me to be more involved in religion, maybe make me get Baptized. Or, it could become violent. I do not know how they will react, and I do not want to know.
  2. Sorry to hear that. I wish you all the best. The only thing I'd like to ask is: As a Canadian should the world blame you for the sins of the USA government? The answer applies to God too... good luck :)
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  3. Following Christ is a choice, you either do it or you don't; unfortunately (and I am speaking for myself as well) many "Christians" fail to represent Christ properly. Is homosexuality a sin? Yes it is: it is very clear in the Bible. And therein lies the problem: you either believe the Bible or you don't. there is no middle ground or "grey area" with God.

    Are interracial relationships bad? NO: there are many examples of this in the Bible. Racism has no place in a Christian so we must fight those learned stereotypes. Yet we are still human in our sinful flesh; therefore we are continually fighting this spiritual battle within. It is the 'giving up' that allows bad habits and false doctrine to creep in.

    You were designed by God to question: as I am finding out with my daughter; she is forcing me to remember the things in my journey, the things I have overcome-and the things I haven't yet.

    Don't give give up on God because we stupid people can only have righteousness as good as filthy rags. Question-seek and you will find: the truth IS IN Jesus Christ. There are broad paths of human logic and theories that lead to eternal death; but praise God that He is consistent. I know it can be hard to see sometimes-but this is a truth.

    God bless you with wisdom and knowledge.....
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  4. Religion does preach intolerance, but faith teaches love, full love, giving love, self sacrifice. But love in and of itself is not what we as Christians believe in, without Love being centred on Christ and coming from God. Personal relationship with God in the Holy Spirit is the goal of every Christian and displayed in works of love.
    Consider however, freedom to do whatever you want is not love, it is chaos and darkness. I do not condemn gays for being gay, they can even come to church, they can sit next to me, they can share my food and I can help them and pray with them, but being active in that choice is a corruption of the natural and will corrupt them even as it corrupts their DNA. and you can't change the religion of Christianity to pacify a minority who indulge their corruption otherwise you make everything corrupt.
    I do not hate them, but their sin is not worse then a man in church committing adultery with another member, is it? It goes on. Sin is sin, we are all sinners to some degree.
    And God understands that we need an out, a door, a free pass, a free kick, something to get us into his presence, so He sent His son to die in our place so that anyone who believes gets in.
    but you might have a ticket to the big game, but if you don't turn up? well throw that ticket in the bin.
    As to space etc...Consider this, if cut off your arms and legs are you still in the room, if I removed all your body from the neck down but put you on a machine are you still here, if I remove your face skull and hook you up to a machine that communicates your still here...but what are you?? a set of electrical inpulses in parts of fleshy bits of brain matter?
    You are a mini star with feelers touching your hands and eyes and toes and skin, you might be no bigger then a marble, every year 50 million marbles die, but where do they go?
    to a parallel dimension in the earths atmosphere? somewhere in the dark matter between atoms.
    Your decision is yours, but in a few short decades it will cost you eternity.
  5. How do you know Christianity is the right religion? If all religions claim they are the right one, how do we know which one to choose? If every religion has their own version of Heaven and Hell, how do we know which one to believe? And why does every religion claim the people who are not following it will go to their Hell? How do I know there even is a Heaven or Hell?
  6. I'm glad you came back. The issue with Christianity is that the vast majority have 100% head knowledge of God but 0% experiential knowledge - no experience with God. It's like looking at photos of the Grand Canyon vs. being at the Grand Canyon. One is head knowledge, the other is experiencing it for yourself.

    John 17:3 (AKJV)
    And this is life eternal, that they might know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

    The word know above literally means feel, understand, perceive! Real Christianity is this:

    James 1:27 (AKJV)
    Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

    Check out this video for an example, which is so timely to your issue:

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  7. There are many witnesses to the truth of Christ if you will see and hear:

    #1: The Creation (this includes you when you look in the mirror): the earth, cosmos, light and life.
    #2: The Word: the fact that the Bible has lasted as long in this world is an act of God-it is an miracle that God sustains His Word so we can know Him.
    #3: When you are born again; the Holy Spirit indwells in you and teaches you and shows you truth.
    #4: Billions of Christians that have testified to knowing Christ throughout History.(because of the Holy Spirit)

    Most Importantly:

    #5: Jesus Christ: it hasn't been until recently that the world has gone hardcore into attempting to say Christ never existed. Historically; it has always been accepted that the person Jesus Christ is real. There is historical and archeological (scientific) and eyewitness accounts that the Bible is true. Jesus Christ also confirms the truth of the Old Testament. Jesus Christ singularly changed the course of the largest super power on earth in His day. He shook the foundations of this planet. Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit-so that we may know that which is good and Holy.

    This "Man" Jesus Christ impacted this planet like no other; His name alone is universally recognized as someone special. So ask yourself this question: Do you really know who this person Jesus Christ is?

    If 1/100 of what Jesus Christ claimed is true; is your eternity worth getting to know Him?
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  8. Hi, Kayte! (Great name, btw!)

    Wow - seems like you have been searching a whole lot! I understand where you are coming from because I once was an atheist for about 5 years of my life before God spoke to me in my bedroom when I was 17. It was CRAZY how I didn't believe in this God and all of a sudden, I heard His voice.

    Because I understand, I also understand no amount of words anyone can say to you can do much. I can't tell you there is a God if you are confused about it. But....all I can say is I am praying that you may find the Truth and that it He will set you free from the doubts and the confusion.

    You are still a wonderful person regardless and I still value you as an individual and as a person.
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  9. It is good to try to really search out what you believe...

    From what you have posted - I will offer my opinion that you have not been given an accurate message of what Jesus is all about....

    If you have time or interest in really finding out... READ the actual words of Jesus himself... He is one of the most "Anti-Religious" people ever.... and the ONLY people he continually fought with were the "Religious Establishment"...

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  10. Thank you all for your kind words. I hate to say it, but I was honestly expecting a lot of backlash.

    I am sure I may someday come back to God, and maybe get to know him myself. I guess I am just a little lost right now.
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  11. Now you know how nice people are here :D

    You spoke from your heart.. I don't think anyone is going to go hard at you.. We all have been there. We all had moments in our lives when we had to step on one side of the fence. You are way too young! Probably you are looking for answers for various things.. The search for that is what is driving you in these directions.. I am sure soon you will see it all culminating to the Cross. We all would be praying for you
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  12. Your are in your vulnerable years where you begin to make life long choices whether you know it or not...

    You will be enticed by the world away from God-be wise...

    Learn from us "old people" who are living with the regrets of our dumb choices and we truly the desire the best for your future-and not to make the same mistakes we did that will haunt your spirit...
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  13. Well, good question.
    Comes down to power I think. Did Jesus heal hundreds perhaps thousands of people, did Jesus walk on water,
    did Jesus rise from the dead?
    Does Benny hinn heal anyone in the name of Jesus or are they all pretending, thousands of pretenders?
    Are thousands, perhaps millions of Christians being healed of everything from sore toes and headaches to cancer and AIDS and near death every day?
    You want any testimonies to the facts, I can get them for you, thousands, but would you be any more inclined to believe?
    as it says even if someone went to them from the dead they would not believe. luke 16:31
    You just think its all some big placebo effect.
    In my opinion Jesus will be ruling in Jerusalem before twenty years are past but the world will be soaked in blood.
    wont happen?
    wait and see, after 2030 all the other religions including Christianity and the age of grace will come to an end.
  14. I think there is one thing that I can say for sure. Being dissatisfied with the parents' culture is a teenage thing, not a Christian thing. Most of my friends are not Christians. Their parents came from around the world. As a group, we are all annoyed in one way or another about our parents' view of one thing or another, and we run the gamut from Buddhist to Yoruban.

    So the question might be, if I am not a Christian than what? What is the down side? Well first off, if I were not a Christian I would not know to laugh of the jokes in Midnight Catechism. Wow, there's bummer. Of course, the jokes were not really the funny part. Watching my mother and grandmother laugh so much that they almost peed their pants; that was the funny part. I'm sitting here laughing just thinking about it.

  15. That is amazing , what did He say? : ) Lol God totally intervened on ur free will XD funny, I guess He was like... this one is mine... she just doesn't know yet lul
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  16. ➀ I honestly think you have to find God for yourself, forcing your child togo in their youth won't guarantee their salvation... however the Bible does say(im paraphasing) teach a child/train a child up in the way they should go and they'll never depart from it..

    My cousin's are living examples, their mom was very religious, into God practice what it preached.. but they idk, they were turned off to it...and now even though they aren't close ,close (well except for her brother.. he's close to God; hears him when he speaks..etc) but my younger cousin... prays when she's in a bind : )

    As for me,I didn't grow up in church.. I remember going only a few times in my childhood..and those times I was sleep lololol
    as I got older, I believed in God.. I just wasn't sure which one....
    I was into reincarnation, got books on it, psychics got books on that too, astrology ..all of it..

    but what made me, never go back..was the fact..I was doing this stuff all these years ect... andit was like a hobbuy.. I got nothing from it.. yet when I got saved.. in maybe a couple of days God talked to me...
    if all that other stuff I believed in was real...
    it would have responded to me... 18 yrs is enough time, God did it in 2 days lol...

    ➁ Who told you God was against interracial relationships? o.0

    thats not true....
  17. Yup ^^
  18. I think this is a pretty good assessment of what's going on here. Fear of our parents' disapproval isn't enough to give us a faith of our own. Choosing to take those first daring steps of faith to simply obey, and watching Jesus come through for me is what helped me wade through the doubt I had of my parents' faith.
  19. When you guys say that God talked to you, what do you mean? Was it an actual voice? An event that occured?
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  20. I want to keep focused on Kayte's post. If you want to know more, shoot me a message! :)
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