No Hurry???

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  1. No Hurry???

    Christians all know that time is almost up. There is not much time for unbelievers to decide if they want a relationship with God through His Son Jesus. There is not much time left for unbelievers to say, "Yes to Jesus." Why do people take time for granted? They say he's not coming, they say he hasn't come in over 2,000 years so where is your Jesus now. With the way the world is going now, no one can possibly believe that God is not going to come and remove His bride and handle all this sin...But the unbelievers think that this world is going to go on and on...What gives them this idea of time not running out.

    God made it very clear that time will end. In I Peter 4:7 He says, "But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer." In Matthew 24:1-44 Jesus even discuss the events that signal the end of the world. With all of the signs around us and the time drawing so near, unbelievers still will not listen. It is just like the days of Noah as Jesus said in Matthew 24. What is making them think time is on their side? It's not God for He wants all to come to the knowledge of His Son. God would not mis-lead, God is not a liar. So, what or who is misleading these lost souls?????

    I remember reading a book by: C.S. Lewis called "The Screwtape Letters." There is a portion of it that goes like this:

    There is a legend about Satan and his imps planning their strategy for attacking the world that's hearing the message of salvation. One of the demons says, "I've got the plan, master. When I get on the earth and take charge of people's thinking, I'll tell them there's no heaven."

    The devil responds, "Ah, they'll never believe that. This Book of Truth is full of messaes about the hope of heaven through sins forgiven. They won't believe that. They know there's a glory yet future."
    On the other side of the room another say's "I've got the plan. I'll tell'em there's no hell."
    "No good, "he says, "Jesus, while He was on earth, talked more of hell than of heaven. They know in their hearts that their wrong will have to be taken care of in some way. They deserve nothing more than hell."

    And one brilliant little imp in the back stood up and said, "Then I know the answer. I'll just tell them there's no hurry." And he's the one Satan chose.
    That's why the unbelievers believes that time is on their side. Because satan has their minds. I pray that we all can join in prayer and lift the lost up to God for salvation. Father, prepare us and show us your children your will in helping to build the body of Christ. Then, give us the strength and the will to carry it out. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray... AMEN

    Godbe4me:groupray: Let's pray for the lost ​
  2. Yes, it very alarming, now that we know the truth, how close it is to the ending of days. But, don't you remember before Christ found you what it was like? I didn't even know the meaning of Easter. I knew there were pretty crosses with ribbons on them, along with the Easter baskets, but I didn't even question the real meaning and why the crosses were a symbol of Easter. No one told me, everyone just thought everyone else knew.

    There are so many young people who are in the dark about all we now know, and it is up to us to tell them the truth isn't it?

    God, I pray for boldness and the unction of your Holy Spirit to reveal your Gospel of forgiveness to them through me. There is so little time, and our priorities are so wrong.
  3. You are so right and AMEN

  4. amen!
    why do people complain about never having enough time in the day to get all they want to do done, but then believe they have plenty of time to be born again? They don't even realize that GOD is only obligated to knoch once upon their hearts. that is a scary thought!
    great posting sis!
  5. i love that picture!!!!!!!
  6. thanks, i googled "animated clock pics" and I think it was on the first or second page.:)

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