No Go Zones for British

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  1. No Go Zones for British

    There are now no go zones in Great Britian where non muslims can expect to be harassed or worse:

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] In an ACT! for America email we forwarded to you yesterday, we apprised you of the petition drive mounted by Islamists to shut down an anti-Islamist website on PalTalk. For months we have been informing ACT! for America and American Congress for Truth members that the battle front of Jihad includes much more than actual terror and violence, but also includes efforts to subvert societies from within, which is known as Cultural Jihad. The absence of successful terror plots on our soil does not mean Islamic jihadists have given up and gone home. Quite the contrary, they continue to pursue multiple means by which they can achieve their ultimate objective.
    Today we forward you yet one more example of Cultural Jihad at work, as reported by Diana West, author and Washington Times columnist.
    "No-Go Zones of the Mind": the evidence of Cultural Jihad
    by Diana West blog, January 6, 2008
    The media prate on about "change" vs. "experience," and we are all diverted by the play of personality and the sweep of celebrity on the presidential hustings. Which isn't to say that selecting the next President of the United States isn't important. It is hugely important.
    But the most significant issue is utterly ignored by candidates and voters alike.
    That issue is the fact that we live in an era which, barring reversal, will probably be remembered as the era of the Islamization of the Western world. [emphasis added]
    This process is well underway, and worse, is going forward not just unimpeded, but almost completely misunderstood. Worst of all, it is being helped forward by those whom we implicitly trust to defend us.
    I have been sparingly posting recent news reports from the Washington Times' Bill Gertz concerning the sacking of Stephen Coughlin, the Pentagon's sole Islamic law expert charged with educating our military leaders about jihad doctrine and sharia (Islamic law). The fact is, Coughlin was too politically incorrect for the Pentagon leadership: that is, he presented the facts about jihad doctrine and its animating role in the tactics and strategy of the umma (Islamic community) in this period of expansionist Islam. [emphasis added]. In so doing, he underscored an unprecedented lack of professionalism in our armed services that has allowed military planners to draw not on Islamic doctrinal fact and precedent, but on multicultural policy delusions in formulating military strategy in the planning and execution of the so-called War on Terror.
    I hope to discover more about the internal machinations that led to his dismissal; so far, according to Gertz, we know that Stephen Coughlin had run afoul of the agenda of Hesham Islam, a key adviser to Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, who clearly sanctions multicultural policy delusions over rational assessments of the threat posed by expansionist Islam.
    Today, in the Sunday Telegraph, a Pakistani-born bishop of the Church of England, the Rt. Rev. Michael Nazir-Ali, offers further confirmation of the progressing Islamization of Europe with a column discussing Muslim-only districts that exist throughout Great Britain, so-called no-go zones, where non-Muslims may expect to be harassed and/or attacked for "trespassing." [emphasis added]. We in the United States tend to regard this reverse colonization of Europe from a metaphoric and literal distance, cordoned off by ocean and, more important, smaller Islamic demographics.
    But there is no security against creeping sharia in such distance — not when we so willingly, so pliantly, so cravenly, abide by No-Go Zones of the Mind.
    Does the doctrine of Islamic jihad, which for centuries has animated aggression against the non-Islamic world – including the United States of America from its early nationhood – pose a threat to Western-style liberty? Horrors! We don't go there. In fact, that's No-Go Zone of the Mind #1. It's also the one Stephen Coughlin was fired by the Pentagon for daring to cross into and take back.
    Does the spread of sharia through both Islamic terrorism and Islamic immigration threaten Western-style liberty? That's No-Go Zone #2. And there are many more.
    Taking back such mental no-go zones is crucial to any reversal of the spread of Islamic law in the West. In other words, taking back such mental no-go zones is crucial to our liberty.

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]American Congress for Truth[/FONT]

  2. This sort of behaviour really gets to me.
    They come to our country, they werent invited or anything, and they demand special treatment. They even want a "dress code" for us Brits and not to drink any alcohol outside, this may sound nasty, but this is OUR country, if they want to live here they have to adapt to our living standards and our morals.
  3. You are right, B2LY
  4. the opening line was a contradiction.tell me again.
  5. there are no places where there is a no go zone for any race or creed.britain prides itself with equality,i can work for pittence,just like my muslim friend.
  6. Read the article- these are your governmental officials not mine.
  7. they are the worlds pricks not mine.:)

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