No Fear, Only Peace

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  1. No Fear, Only Peace

    Foolish children, why do we fear?
    Has God's arm grown weaker with each passing year?

    I think not. He is the same, yesterday, today, forever and Amen.

    By his faithful Word, he created the heavens and the earth.
    And by his faithful Word, he created you at your miracle of birth.

    He is the same, faithful and true.
    With his steadfast love, he watches over you.

    With his tender love, he washes away our sin.
    Frees us from the fears, we try to hide within.

    With such a loving Father, how can we be anything but strong?
    To fail to give him honor and glory would simply be wrong.

    It doesn't matter, if they say, "Peace and Safety" or "War and Destruction". I have peace in my heart and I'm Strong and Courageous, according to his word.

  2. That my brother is an awesome word! Thanks for sharing as this is just the reminder I need when looking at the road ahead! All glory to God and full speed ahead!
  3. Amen Don. We owe it all to Christ , who is the author and finisher of our faith.

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