No condemnation, what the body needs to teach

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  1. So, This is my first time starting a thread on here and I really like the thread I've been reading. Starting off I've been a Christian for as long as I can remember and with that being said there have been a lot of changes in this world that are concerning but the most concerning issue I think facing the body of Christ is that the church have spent so much time teaching and preaching on condemnation. I believe that there is definitely a way to tell the body of Christ whether that be new Christians, people who have been Christians most of their lives, or born again Christians about sin and how we should turn away from it and what not. However, I've noticed many churches, ministers, pastors spend so much time telling the body what they are doing wrong and basically scare the body of Christ into believing. It just frustrates me that we are not informing our brothers and sisters on the life that we have now and we spend so much time condemning them not as Christ would do, but as we understand consequences. God abides in a kingdom of love. Our job is to show that love to others to where they question their disbelief in Him.

    Again this was my first thread. I'm a college student who is very active at my church. I struggle daily with navigating in this world system, but finding sites like this is definitely encouraging for me.
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    I hear ya. This world is fallen and filled with things that are contrary to God and His word. Over the years I've found that many churches preach the law of death over and over and over, until the hearer gives up. Lately the big push is to preach grace. I think the error is that God still demands that we be holy, to shun evil and cease from sin, but that delicate balance can only be achieved through the Holy Spirit. I find most pastors don't have that understanding and only regurgitate the law or grace message rather than the victory-over-sin message and just how to achieve that. While he's not a pastor, I really like Dr. Jim Richards, with doctorates in theology, human behavior, and alternative medicine. I find his messages to be practical, full of grace, while teaching how to be holy through Christ. I hope this helps.
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    You are truly right that we as the Body of Christ need to focus on God and being obedient to His Word, rather than constantly being focused on our sin. God desires that we repent (which means to turn from) and then receive our restoration or cleansing from our sin. Because if one constantly is sin minded our heart (which is where faith comes from) will not allow us to receive the gift of grace. The Blood of Jesus cleanses our consciences. If our consciences are weighed down by condemnation then we will have difficulty believing that God loves us, and desires for us to succeed. Thus it is more difficult to receive God's promises, and trust that He will take care of us.
  4. I think it depends on what kinds of churches you go to.
    Most of the ones ive been in the preaching is always encouraging christians to love one another as Jesus commands. And showing practical ways on how to do this. But then ive always been in believers church ie. Those that do believers baptism, not seeker type churches.

    It may be your area is different, or its not at that stage in their walk yet, people still struggling to cast off their sins. It sounds like they are not truly converted and need to be nudged to repent.
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  5. Thanks to everyone who replied. I really appreciate the feedback on a topic that is very dear to me. It really encourages me to see that others know exactly what I mean by the body needing to teach the truth. And Lanolin, the area I'm in and churches I've fellowshipped with definitely play a role in this feeling of a need for change in the body's teachings. Fortunately, I'm well feed at my own church, it's just so important to me that the entire body of Christ know God like really have a relationship with him.
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  6. This is true, I've experienced a bit of this

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