Nimrod....the First One World Leader

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  1. It' s a forgone conclusion, our world is heading toward a One World Government, One Leader, one currency etc. Anyone can watch or read the daily events to see this for themselves.

    This is certainly not the first time it has been tried by mankind. The First Person who tried this was Nimrod when he had built the tower in Genesis Chapter 11. The discussion on your thoughts begins now. I have several appointments and will be back later today. Feel free to express your thoughts..God Bless
  2. Jesus is the only One who will succeed.
  3. Amen
  4. Nimrod was The Grandson of Noah. He was the son of Ham.

    History shows this man was totally evil as was his Mother and reportedly his wife Semiramis. The Bible tells us " He was a great.Hunter before The.Lord"

    Whether that means a " Hunter" of animals or " Hunter" of souls remains inconclusive.
    Historically he was the founder of Ancient Babylon as well. Nimrod wanted to be Mighty, as God, So he had the Tower of Babel constructed.

    He wanted the Tower to rise to heaven. His first mistake. Notice everyone during this time all spoke one language as the Bible declares. God saw what the intent was, and came down and confounded their one language and scattered everyone across the earth where all languages emerged. God destroyed Nimrod' s dream. Historically it is said Nimrod' s Uncle Shem.( another son of Noah) killed Nimrod for other evil things he was doing.

    Let' s take.a look at the 3 sons of Noah according to The Book of Chronicles and other books in our Bibles where The 3 sons of Noah are mentioned and their offspring.
    These were the generations who re-populated this planet.

    Ham, The Father of Nimrod is the patriarch of the Cannanites. His seed spread from Africa into Cannan land.
    The seed of Shem became the Jews, and finally the seed of Japeth became we Gentiles across the World. These 3 Sons are responsible for the re start of the human race after the Great Flood. Read Chronicles all the way through for verification.

    Now here is the part most interesting.when we flash forward unto today. The descendents of Ham And Shem are the Arabs and Jews..

    Notice also in the battle of Armegeden
  5. (Con't) It will be The Armies of The One World Government forces against Israel the.sworn enemies of all Muslims. We Gentiles the descendents from Japheth.will be drawn into this as well....And Jesus Christ will return to save Israel from total destruction. God promised Abraham and his seed Israel would never be desyroyed, no matter how many Armies, Navies, Air Power they throw against Israel in that final battle. Our Job is to stand fast, stay with God' s Word and his children ( His Church/ Bride) and pray and get ready to meet Our Lord. I could care less who the."Anti-;Christ";is or is'nt, I am looking for Jesus Christ.. Anyway.. comment at will for a good discussion on this.m
  7. Interesting, I read that the Arabs are the children of Ismael the son of Abraham the son of Seth?


  8. Hi..thanks for your reply. You are correct..However the children of Ham and their dependents make up the Islamic people. God told Hagar, the Mother of Ishmael, through HIM he would make a great Nation. So This is where the division between Israel ( descendents of Shem) and Islam ( The descendents of Ham). This is my own personal thoughts on why Ishmael and Isaac and their descendents were seperated: God had promised Abraham and his wife Sarah an heir through them. His wife decided since they were both 90 years old " God must mean through a younger woman" So allowing Abraham to sleep with Hagar was showing a lack of faith in what God had told them. This is now a perpetual punishment or rebuke from God because of lack of faith. Also God knows the end from the beginning he knew about the future and mankind' s evil against one another, etc. Oil is what has brought in the final days to usher in the upcoming 1000 year Millennial Kingdom of peace, after the last war at Armegedden ( valley of Megiddo) in Israel.

    One final thought...Just listen or watch the news and future events unfolding involving Islam and Israel and know for certainty this is all Bible Prophecy unfolding to warn us who know Jesus to get ready..He is coming! Amen
  9. I think you said it correctly, through Him, Ismael, I will make a great nation, not Hagar the descendent of Ham, why (?), because of the curse pronounced on Canaan by Noah, "cursed be Canaan, be slaves to Shem and Japeth, I think you will agree the Arabs are slaves to no one.


  10. Amen..Thank You..
  11. Another 2 nations of Islam is Moabites, and Ammon ( Jordan) read Genesis 19 after had Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, The two daughters of Lot got him drunk and they conceived in incest the two babies I listed with Lot.
    God is righteous, God is Holy and Truth. Abraham was promised by God all the land most now in the hands of the haters of Israel.. Islam
  12. Your right, all of the land promised to Abraham was from the Nile to the Euphrates down to the Mediterranean, Solomon only occupied 10% of the land God promised to Abraham.



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