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  1. Nifergirl

    Hi Nifergirl.
    Welcome to your new home ! :D
    So nice to see new faces here.
  2. WELCOME!!!!!
    I am very happy you are here too!!!

  3. Nifergirl!
    You are welcome! :);)
  4. Welcome. Hope you like it here. :D
  5. hello

    where u from?
  6. Kamakaz,

    I am from California, was born and raised there. Then I moved to the East Coast, met my husband, and now I'm in Georgia, dreaming of the day we end up closer to what I call "home."

    Thanks for all the welcomes!:D

    Born2loveyou, every time I see your screen name, I smile because that song plays over in my mind. It's one of my favorites. :D
  7. Which song would that be ? :)
  8. Man, I was sure that your screen name came from the song!!

    It's by TobyMac, titled "made to love."

    Here's the chorus:

    I was made to love you
    I was made to find you
    I was made just for you
    Made to adore you
    I was made to love
    And be loved by you
    You were here before me
    You were waiting on me
    And you said you'd keep me
    Never would you leave me I was made to love
    and be loved by you

    **at any rate, your screen name makes me think of the song (which ROCkS!!!), and I like that, because it gives me the reminder to sing little bits of the song to my Savior.

  9. Haha... I guess it doesn't say "born" in the song.

    Great screen name, though!!

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