NHL Playoffs

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  1. Anyone else watching the NHL hockey playoffs? Team rooting for? Red Wings, here.
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  2. Chicago Blackhawks here!!
  3. Well, at least your team is still in it! Now that Detroit is gone, I'm rooting for Tampa Bay.
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  4. Good choice!!
  5. Blackhawks are taking the Wild ..So far the Hawks are 3-0 .
  6. Two more periods to go for you, up 1-0. Looking good for you so far!
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  7. It is done! Hawks win 4-3
  8. Pretty high scoring for a hockey game!
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  9. Almost a baseball score. How is Tampa doing?
  10. Talk about scores, Tampa Bay sure got it handed to them last night. 6-2 . One more win for the Lightening and they move on to the next level.
  11. Tampa Bay could advance with a win, tomorrow night. It will be very interesting to watch!!
  12. Yep - I'll be rooting for them!
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  13. Tampa Bay Wins!!!
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  14. Chicago VS Anaheim - Tampa Bay VS New York. It would be neat to see the Hawks and Lightning in the battle for the Cup.
  15. Yeah, then we could duke it out here! :D

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