NFL Draft 2009

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  1. NFL Draft 2009

    Name your team and what you want!

    San Francisco 49ers 10. need O Line! Actually QB but I will leave everything to Singletary. Rock on.
  2. tampa bay bucs..I dont actually want anything from the draft..I just want dungy back :(
  3. New Orleans Saints.
    Need a big defensive player. Somebody who can lead the defense, probably a DT or MLB
  4. Oh my goodness. Another Saints fan!!!:D

    I'm originally from N'awlins and watched the very first game with my Daddy at Tulane's stadium. I love the Saints!

    I love Drew Breeze, who I call "Easy Breezy down in the Big Easy". I think he's great and does so much for the community.

    Sad to see Deuce McAllister go, but I do agree, he gave all he had... it was time. I agree, we need help defensively.

    Love football!
  5. LOL!!! Everyone wants Dungy....hope he enjoys his retirement though. Tampa lost Gruden and Garcia. Should be an interesting year for ya.
  6. Gruden / garcia Im happy to see go. Not so happy about kiffin though. that will hurt us.
  7. Garcia did a pretty good job for you guys...especially as a (cough) older QB..:D.

    I am not a fan of Gruden, but he has been a good coach.
  8. Yea I was sad to see McAllister go. He is my favorite NFL player.
    I'm upset about them getting of both DTs Young and Thomas too.

    I think we will have a pretty good run next season though

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