Next Sunday Scool lesson: The parables of JESUS

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  1. I already have a subject for my next lesson - Jesus' Parables - but I still need ideas for activities.

    There are 46 parables in the Bible, we're only going to read 3 or 4. Which ones would you recommend? (The Prodigal Son is a must, of course)

    Any ideas for activities related to this subject?

    Thanks in advance, guys!
  2. A couple of good ones for kids. At least something my daughter likes :D
    Parable of good Samaritan. Parable of pharisee and tax collector.
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  3. Yes, we are definitely going to have The Good Samaritan. It's beautiful and timeless.

    Here are the four selected parables, I chose them because of their simplicity and comprehensibility (I'm working with 12 y.o. kids, I have to keep things simple):

    a) The Good Samaritan (tolerance)

    b) The Prodigal Son (God is merciful)

    c) The persistent widow (never stop praying)

    d) The dry fig tree (faith can move mountains - and dry fig trees! :D :D )

    They're going to read the original parables (using AndBible) and fill in the blanks. Then, they're going to fill in a table with the meaning of each parable. Finally, a more thought-provoking question on The Prodigal Son: who do the characters of the parable represent?

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