Newsletters..Do we need them??

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Do we need newsletters?

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  1. Newsletters..Do we need them??

    How about newsletters every month?? Do you think thats a good idea. It can keep the forum active. It'll have articles from members and stuff like site/member/poll of the month etc.

    Would an email a month be annoying? Vote please.
  2. well....what could you put in it?

    'Christian monthly newsletter:

    "daily praise
    "do pets go to heaven

    i mean what else apart from topics can you put in? Or is that the idea?
  3. I think it could be interesting, even for people who log on regularly. You could list the new members of the month and stuff. I wouldn't mind it. 8)
  4. Yea.. Hot topics on the forum and maybe selected contributions from the members, the rest would go into the forum. Something like that.

    New member listing. That's a good idea too. Keep it coming!!
  5. We get bi-weekly bulletins in the mail from my church, and although we can't do everything that the church does, there might be some ideas there. Obviously, we have announcements. You've already mentioned doing that, though. We also have a little report type thing from the youth minister, which just kinda tells what's going on in the youth group and such. (I don't how you'd incorporate that, but...) The preacher also puts in a small devotional type thing. It's like a real short mini-lesson or something. He picks one topic (say patience) and gives a real brief overview of it. That's an idea. There's also a list of birthdays and anniversaries; of course, that would be really hard to do with an internet forum.

    Umm...give me a bit more thinking time, and I'll see what I can come up with.

    Oh, the new person - the poet - I can't remember the name, but there's an idea. Maybe you could stick one of his poems in there. Poem of the month or something.

    There's you a few thoughts to chew on. They're just random ideas, nothing much.
  6. All really good ideas. I might keep it simpler :-D and in time make changes to them.

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