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  1. In Proverbs 15:22 we learn that there is wisdom in the counsel of many. This approach to intelligent living is repeated, in principal, over and over in the Proverbs and is continually illustrated from the beginning to the end of the Bible. And yet, after I had posted an item that was being ignored by the Secular media, ABC, CBS, NBC, all of the Secular Press and others that I had seen of Fox and then, with a web search, confirmed to be true and aso covered by World news Daily and other Christian news sources, several men, naming the Christ, as their redeemer called me a foolish liar and a fool for believing anything any Christian News Source reports because it was not being covered by the major sources.

    Christianity is not a religion! The World believes it is but there is nothing that can be further from the truth. Christianity is an active and on going relationship between the Father and His Children. When the man ot the woman of God is saved they are indwelt with the presence of the Holy Spirit and it is to this presence, directly in our lives, that we, actively, surrender our lives to. If we inventory our lives and we find anything less than complete submission to the active and living will of God, it is time we do a spiritual inventory before we find ourselves on the wrong side of Eternity.

    When I was a non-believer, I received all of my news input from the local and national news sources.
    When I was overcome by God on New Years Eve, every single thing in my life changed and the LORD has directed my every step from that moment on. If you are calling yourself a child of God and you do not understand that there is no single thing in your life that is to be devoted to God's service, I pray you will pray for Salvation and to surrender you life to the will of God. If you believe any news source and ignore the others, you need wisdom, God's wisdom.

    Do I suggest you watch Fox News and ignore the rest... no, that would be just as stupid as the reverse is. Watch both and then pray for God to make the truth clear to you... He will, if and when, but not before you surrender to Him.
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  2. Personally, I do not trust anything that comes from the main stream media. Time and time again they have shown themselves to be nothing more than purveyors of propaganda and popular nonsense.
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  3. I have to agree with Glomung; I was working at home the day of "Sandy Hook" and when it broke I pulled up all 4 local news channels and another alternate news source-every single feed had a different storyline. It wasn't until 2 days later when they were all on the same sheet of music. There are other alternative sources, but who knows...only one source of truth though! :)
  4. As I said, when I was hit with that and from a professing Christian, I was floored. On the flip side I have made it a habit to keep a feeler out to see where the World is going from moment to moment and have been chastised for that. I have found that listening to the wailing of people like Barbara Walters to be a good thermometer of the Worldly Leanings. Knowing this gives me good conversation starters when witnessing to the lost.

    In a narrow manor I can understand their point of view, even though it is wrong because we are, in the Great Commission ordered to go to the lost and not to isolate our efforts from them. Just as has been suggested here, I do not trust the Lord Obama Worshipers but rather try to keep my finger on the pulse of the lost to know how to be effective with them. I follow Bill O'Riley and a couple of others on Fox and keep up with the headlines with World News Daily and for a foreign outlook I read the Jerusalem Post. I just do not trust the secular news services and they, almost, hourly prove me right.

    Good comments, thanks.
  5. Those that rely on American media are at a great disadvantage. I suggest viewing online news (video style) from a plethora of English speaking sources: BBC, Australian Broadcasting Corp., RT, Al Jazeera, Canadian Broadcasting System and amny many more.

    At least this way you get other perspectives.
  6. The Russians had a joke about their popular news, there were two sources, one called News and the other Truth (Pravda). The joke was "there is no news in the Truth and no truth in the News".
  7. This is applicable around the world, actually: my point about searching out many platforms and nation's news sources is in order to see how others regard an event, not that any one source "gets it all correctly". Often times the views from a totally alien perspective are quite useful.
  8. I had posted last night which i am assuming was removed from the site by worries though, just thought we could be a little more open minded about alternate media. no offense meant: my apologies.

    2 Corinthians 2:11
  9. Deleted double post
  10. I'm confused...these ARE secular news services, though dressed in choir robes. I find it odd that many church folks try to bend non-christian events into "issues".

    I'm a staunch advocate of full separation of Church from state and state from Church...mixing the two has always created chaos in the world, IMO.
  11. Well when you separate anything from God-what usually happens? :speechless:
  12. More of God and less of human clap-trap!
  13. "Christianity is not a religion! The World believes it is but there is nothing that can be further from the truth. Christianity is an active and on going relationship between the Father and His Children."

    Amen. I just had this discussion today with my best friend. He was saying that his doubt in faith comes from the church, Christians and their interpretation of the bible. I reminded him that isn't the same thing as doubting God or his faith, that is doubting religion! That is why it is so important to develop your own relationship with God.
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  14. Rusty,
    Bill O'Riley and most, not all of the on screen staff list themselves as being members of the Right Wing Christian Movement and God, our Father and God, the Son has never seperated Christians from the Government and a good read of the final verses of Matthew make it quite clear we are to be very involved in this world. And if we use logic, the logic imparted at birth, by the Father, it follows that we are not only to influence the government from the outside but from the inside as well.

    But most important of all is that you folks, that is collective, have gone down a rabbit trail filled with all manor of briers. This string was and is not about the government, nor is it about secular news services, it's about you, me, your wife and mine. It, like all of my posts are drawn from the scriptures. Most of my posts come from the source which infuriates the misnomer New Testament and New Covenant Christians. And, because the Church, as a whole, is so into Ear Tickling today, not only do I agree with the Barna Group's results from their mid eighties nation wide Church survey that demonstrated that less than 2% of the Church Membership is saved and, thus, Heaven bound.

    The Church today has become a collection of fools.
  15. Our Church Body just adopted a new Shepard, about seven moths ago and I found out a good deal more than I ever wished to know about six of our leading members. I was the seventh on the Pastor Search Committee and found myself standing alone. We were down to two candidates and the vote on both was 6 to 1.

    When we did the final (the third) personal interview with them I found 17, absolutely, red flags on the 45 year old from Tennessee and not one for the 30 year old from the town 4 miles down the highway. The older man was and stated, clearly, that he was following his wife, that was why he came to Texas and that his wive was not a part of his ministry, two strikes, scripturally, right there. He also, without prompting stated that his wifes next Career move would be to California and he would. likely not be here more than 5 years.

    Brother Zbylot, on the other hand was a local School Teacher, graduate Biblical Scholar and Children's Pastor in our area. This is his first Pastorate and nobody (and we all biblically qualify as elders) wanted to train him. He made his first meeting admitting that he was learning to deal with his pride and he admitted to recently breaking the nasty habit of viewing porn on the web. The more I prayed the more God moved upon me to move along side the youngster and to vote for him.

    We heard Brother Zbylot first and I was sick when it was time to hear the other candidate and prayed over and over for God to change my mind if I was standing in His path. We voted the next day and it was unanimous for Brother Zbylot. The issue, in my opinion, is religious Christianity. This, just, is not about religion, you are so right.
  16. You have a right to your opinion, but I completely disagree:

    1. Where in these last verses of Matthew do you see political involvement for Christians?:
    This is God-power, not partisan politics, as far as I can see; spiritual orientation not flag waving secular Empire building. It is vain, IMO, to think one can legislate laws to fit what must spring from the heart via conversion through Christ. I never expect the unconverted to have biblical morals or ideals.

    2.The Lord pointedly warns us not to say things like
    ...or do you think He was not too serious when He said...
    Not being the shiest apple on the tree I find it useful to look words up and in this case, in the native language. in the case of moros it is not calling a person a fool in the sense you believe. However when we put your lonely verse into context and we look at the Greek usage of the word of your concern, I have not erred, rather I have executed the discretion (judgment) Jesus, the Son of Father God, was teaching us to use.

    Now, politics and this will be the end of you leading me down this rabbit trail. You have, with your chastisement of me, placed God into a rather limited match-box. Verses 18-20 of chapter 28 do not stand isolated when seeking to understand them. I don't mean to upset but the single most required rule of Hermeneutics is that no scripture nor any group of scripture can be understood without the light of all other scripture shinning on it. When we look at the root of the New Testament, the Old Testament, we see that there is no government that God does not control. And when we look at the Exodus we see that God established the governing body for the Israelites. And when they rebelled, He seated Saul and then David followed by his family, all the way through Jesus. God has never seated the corky idea of Separation of Church and State, that is a ame attempt by men to sin without God's interference.
  18. I understand what "moros" means, and it doesn't change what Christ warns us not to call brethren. If you think it better to call the "Church" blockheads, dull or changes nothing about Christ's warning, whichever word you wish to use.

    If you feel chastised, I'm sorry...but it's plain to me that humans condemning others, especially billions of fellow Christians, is not a good thing in God's eyes.

    If God controls "all government", let Him handle matters.

    I find it a weak argument to say compare the theocracy of Israel with any other form of human government.There has been no other theocracy ever before or since then, and the Hebrews scuttled theirs by wanting to be like other nations. That can be seen by Bible histrionics, IMO.

    I find it funny that you would think that a topic about secular news is being detoured by talking about Christians ideas about secular newsmakers, politics, and their place in the world.
  19. been no other theocracy ever before or since

    You have forgotten Mt. Athos. A theocracy for over 1000 years and going strong. Greece claims the land but Mt. Athos has been a self governing theocracy from the start.

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