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  1. Newbie

    Hi I go to a pentecostal church - originally Anglican church but pulled away for a number of years before coming back to my faith in 2005. I am english :)
  2. Welcome from another UK member.
    I hope that you soon feel at home here. It is a great forum.
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    To the forum, Ezel1961! This is a great forum and I am sure you will find many friends here and lots of encouragement!
  4. Welcome to the Site, Ezel.
  5. Hello and welcome
  6. Thank you for the welcome:) ... have had a couple of busy days so haven't been able to check in. Our normal Sunday service is at 4 pm but starting today we have a 10.30 am on the first Sunday of every month :dance: which went well with a packed church.
  7. Welcome!! Its an awesome place here..I love it :D
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