Newbie saying hi from Massachusetts

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by JamesCook, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Newbie saying hi from Massachusetts


    My name's James and I'm a Born-again Christian.

    So far, I love this forum and I've only just gone through the approval process! :smiley90: I love the filtering process. It's nice to know that there's a community to discuss things without having to deal with flaming.

    I live in Massachusetts with my wife of almost 10 years and our 6 year old daughter. We attend an Acts-based church (focused on outreach and equipping) and am constantly learning more about my faith. Trying to be a living sacrifice but crawl off the altar daily...thank God for Grace.

    I hope to check in at least once a week and get to know some of you here.

    In Him,
  2. Nice to meet you James :)

    looking forward to your contributions .

    Love bless,

  3. So very glad to have you.

  4. Welcome to CFS James
  5. Hello, welcome to CFS... :)
  6. Hi James!!!!!! Glad to meet you. Ya I know bout crawling off the Alter or crawling to the Alter. I have done it both ways and have come out HUMBLED by Jesus. It is great both ways. So I am eagerly waiting to hear from you my new brother from another mother. God Bless you sir and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chili out.
  7. Just a big ol' southern welcome to CFS James.
  8. Helllloooo :)
    Hope you keep posting!

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