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  1. Hi guys my name is Keziah I was raised in a Christian household but as I became a young women I left the path of god, somethings recently have changed in my life and have shown me the most important relationship i need in my life is with the lord. I have a very helpful father showing me the ways and the amazing power of the lord, I need now to take the next step and accept the lord as my saviour but I'm not
    Going to lie it's extremely difficult because I live with my boyfriend. I love him with all my heart and I've told him the only way we can be together now and live as one is to be married in the eyes of the
    Lord. The step I now need to take is move out but it's so difficult to be without him but I know I can never truly commit to the
    Lord untill I have taken the next step. Has any one else been in a similar situation and can give me some words of advice? Cheers
  2. "...behold,now is the day of salvation."
    2 Corinthians 6:2

    Sounds like you are feeling a touch of conviction from the Holy Spirit? God will let you choose.

    Choose God first; and He will take care of you-but all blessings require a sacrifice in faith to the LORD...
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  3. This is exactly what my father has said to me it won't be easy but at the end of the day my relationship with the lord is more important than my boyfriend, if he is supposed to be in my life god will allow everything to fall into place.
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  4. It is my experience that if you two are not like-minded (equally yoked) in faith; you will have more strife in a relationship or you will abandon God for the flesh.
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  5. I would take heed of what your father says then! Sounds like a wise man. ;)
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  6. It sounds like you are in the right track and in good hands.. I mean your father! He is certainly giving all the correct guidance.. I have not experienced this personally. My wife is also believer.. I have learned this in certain areas of my life.. We cannot handle God and world! It has to be just one. We have to choose one..

    And it is not really to give up on things.. It is really giving over things into God's hands.. And let Him rule..
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  7. I can see he is open to the lord but I don't know when he will make that decision, I lay awake every night next to him I used to be able to fall asleep but since god has been on my case I can't even sleep next to him. I am ready to fully accept god into my life but this is definitely the hardest part knowing I will be without the man I love in my life. I know god has a plan for everyone of us and accepting that my boyfriend may or may not be apart of that plan is the hardest thing I've ever been through. I have decided in the new year I will move back to my father's and fully ask god to be a part of my life.
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  8. Kezlah,

    It took me a long time before I decided to yield my life to Christ, and when I did, my first act of repenting was to tell the girl friend I was sleeping with at the time that I could no longer go out with her because I had turned my life over to Christ, and had decided to obey God. So we stopped seing each other that same week. She did not seem able to understand what I was talking about when I shared my faith.

    There are no two identical situations. I did not live with my girl friend, but we did see each other on a regular basis. Perhaps my degree of emotional attatchment to her was not as intense as yours might be to your boy friend. Nevertheless, if we want to follow Christ, we cannot go on living in the intimacy of a relationship that God intended for married couples.

    My situation was clear cut partly because there were no children involved. I am assuming that this is also your situation. Were it not so, please mention it explicitely as you respond to this post, so that other boarders can provide insight into those particulars, if applicable.
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  9. You are the first person God would use to convert him. God loves him as much as He does you. I witness with a new sleeping arrangement but not an immediate break up. The unsaved leave / run from Christians, not vice versa.
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  10. And him running from me is exactly what I worry about the most, he had already told me I'm not the same girl he fell in love with, but it doesn't stop him from loving me he says I've changed so much :-S I can see he is angry with god at the moment because he feels like he is taking me from him. I told my friend today nothing/nobody will stop me from
    Following this new glorious path I am on. Coming to terms with the fact I may loose him is the hardest thing of all at the moment.
  11. Kezklah,

    He may not like some aspects of the new you.

    Is he willing to respect you in what no longer makes you confortable?

    If so then you might be surpised at the changes that God can bring in Him.

    Your determination in living differently than before must be allowed to restructure your relationship.

    God bless...
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