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  1. Hello brothers and sisters in Christ~
    I can't wait to get to know some of you. I live in a very isolated area and it has been really difficult to find a Bible-believing church here, so my fellowship is sorely lacking. I'm not giving up finding a good church, but I think it speaks loudly of the sign of the times that I've already been looking for over a year...
    Lack of gas money to look very far is an important factor as well.
    So, needless to say, I hope to find like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ on this forum with whom I can fellowship. Oftentimes it is a lonely walk I feel a deep need to share with others and to feel I have something valuable to contribute as well.
    That said, I am praying for this forum and everyone who lives here. May we find Jesus together...!
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  2. I used to live 15 miles from the nearest grocery store in high school so I know how you feel. Welcome to the forum :)
  3. Thank you, Abdicate! I'm happy to be here!
  4. I'm in the same boat. I live wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out in the country in GA. I have been to a couple but are 20 miles away. So church is 1-2 x a month. However, here at CFS you can get fed the word of the Lord Jesus. So welcome aboard and have fun and lets learn together :). God Bless you sister
  5. You sound like a kindred soul, JG27_chili! Country living is best even if we do give up some convenience, isn't it? Thanks for your warm welcome. I've been "trolling" some of the boards, but it might take me some time to jump in to say something.
  6. Welcome Deborah! Hope you have a really good time here..
  7. Hey welcome! Thank you for your prayers. I will pray that the Lord helps you find a good church.
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  8. Thanks so much for the warm welcome! There are lots of forums here that look interesting. I hope to see you on them!
  9. Thanks far I've found nice folks and the conversations are upbeat. It is really good to see Christians building each other up instead of beating up!
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  10. Hello Cloudwatch3r,

    I was encouraged by reading in your profile the meaning you give to your forum name.

    About what you said in your post, I live in a city, and belong to the same local Church since 1998, where we have some exceptionnaly good friends that we discuss the Bible with regularly. But I sometimes feel quite lonely because there are other believers I am regularly in contact with who are not really interested in discussing about the Bible, what it teaches, and what it means to our lives.

    To me Colossians 3:16 implies that the Word of God should be very present between us believers.

    God bless,

    Daniel Garneau
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  11. Thank you for sharing that scripture. It does very much seem to imply what we are doing here on the forums. I also know Christians who do not seem to want to discuss scriptures, and it is probably because they've experienced discussions which degrade to attacks. My own guilt causes no end of pain to me for some of my own discussion remarks. I have had to apologize and wait a long time for forgiveness a few times. But I am learning...

    Posting on the forums allows me to formulate questions/answers that are not so inflammatory, as I can think through my motives each time and make sure they are Godly and not selfish. Good practice for me!

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