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  1. New!

    Hi, My name is Kevin. I'm 15 years old and a devoted Christian. Hope to learn a lot from this forum and get closer to God in many ways. Thanks, Love & Peace.
  2. Welcome Kevin to CFS! I hope you are blessed by this forum and its members.
  3. Kevin, welcome to this community. You're sure to make lots of friends here and learn from them. :) Invite your friends to CFS too. :D
  4. Welcome, Kevin!

    Glad to meet you! :)

  5. Hi Kevin,
    It is great that you have decided to join us.
    God bless you,
  6. In2Him- I really like that name Kevin- it is a pleasure to have you here- I hope you enjoy yourself and learn alot !:D
  7. :)Hello, Kevin!:)

    Nice to meet you!

    God bless you!

  8. Thanks everyone, you all are so friendly. Hope all is good, God Bless.
  9. Welcome Kevin! God Bless you always on your walk with his SON!
  10. Bless you my brother. I pray that you find encouragement and comfort with those here.

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