New Youth Group Website:

Discussion in 'Site Showcase' started by Mudjosh, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. New Youth Group Website:

    I need some people to reply to the forum on it (It is under Acorn Talk) Just reply! please!

    Also tell me how you like it/what needs to be improved!

    Oak Grove Acorn

  2. A very nicely layed out site.
    The winter worship looks nice too.
    Do you have a statement of faith somewhere?

  3. Not yet.. I will get one on there soon. (soon as in the next couple days hopefully)

    Next time anyone gets on, sign the guest book in the forums! it is the the general forum.;)
  4. I should have done that! :)
  5. I admit I'm sleepy, but I don't see it!:confused:
  6. You're the second one who has said they can't find it.. It must not be showing up.. ugh.. I'm going to have to fix it later.. (Church!) see ya!:)
  7. ok.. Back!

    I've added a new guest book availible from any page.. Just check the navibar.

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