New York State in a 'State'

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  1. New York State in a 'State'

    I'm quotin' something that I read the other day. This here should be read by people in New York and most other places where this stuff could get rollin':

  2. You hit the nail on the head brother! More votes for anyone giving away federal dollars (yours and mine)- the system is already top heavy. Well fare- no, work fare ( training and employement to help build futures yes.
    As far as illegals each and every one should be deported and aloowed to come back in the leagal way. Then they too could become productive citizens. If it is illeagal for you to be here why should you have any rights at all?
  3. Not to mention Iranian Nationals, Iraqui Nationals, Canadian Nationals, French Nationals....the list is never ending.

    personally, the canadians are the ones who scare me the most....:p TeeHeeHee

  4. Watch it Kitsapgirl..... Or all us Canadians will gang up on you ..... :D:D:D:D And don"t forget whose dollar is worth more these days .... Check it out.:bow::bow::bow:
  5. sorry, couldn't resist...:p:D
  6. Just joking, you don't have to be sorry.
  7. Wheew! I was worried that you guys wouldn't let me visit anymore....My favorite place is Victoria BC...I know you're a long way away from there, but have you ever been there?
  8. Yup.... I lived in Vancouver many years ago so used to go to the island a lot.. really quaint place . Actually, I was in Vancouver just this Sept.

    I also went to Seattle when I lived in Vancouver. Nice city.
  9. Hah! I avoid it...too many hills, crazy traffic...
  10. We just heared on the radio that all them good, right thinking folks in New York, got to writin' and callin' their legislators about this "plan' that the Gov had. Them LEGAL citizens of New York took it to them folks who AIN'T legal and demanded that the Gov change his mind about givin' illegals, drivers licenses. Today HE DID change his mind. The Gov in New York broke under the pressure from the righteous citizens of the state and was forced to cancel his plan.

    This here plan woulda given drivers licenses to ILLEGALS in New York. What the Gov wasn't tellin' y'all, is that ONCE a persn's got a driver's license in New York, they can register to VOTE and attend college in the state. The Gov and the liberal Democrat party tried a back door way of gettin' NEW VOTERS ( illegals ) on their side by this "plan" that the Gov came up with. This here is just one more example of how the liberals operate. They can't do things by the RULES so they make up they own rules.

    Three cheers for the RIGHT thinking folks in New York State... and that DON'T include Mrs. William Jefferson CLINTON !
  11. Lou Dobbs has been after Spitzer ever since word got out about the plan. Looks like enough pressure has been put on the Governor.
  12. Can't we all just ask that New York State be kicked out of the

    Union or Something?????????????????

    Or Maybee we can let those proposed Postal snails take it



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