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New topsites!

Discussion in 'Site Showcase' started by gibby, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. New topsites!

    I just launched a Christian topsites page to give others an opportunity to promote their sites. It's completely free. Feel free to join the list and take a moment to vote for other member sites:

  2. That seems like a real nice idea Gibby!
  3. Thanks Gibby. I joined. :D
  4. I've also joined. Thanks for the oppertunity.
  5. Cool, I approved you all.

    anybody else?
  6. Gibby, is there a reason why you chose phpfaber? The one I use is Aardvark Top Sites PHP.
  7. No reason, really. Just seemed like a nice topsites script and I had seen it in action before. I like the stats feature of it; it's interesting. I like the script you use also and would most likely have used it if I had discovered it before the phpfaber one. :D
  8. Ah. ok. :D
    If anyone asks you for a link exchange you can direct them to topsites. I used to have some links in the footer but then there were so many requests, so I thought topsites would be the solution. And it worked. Google analytics shows individual page ranks and my topsites page has a high pr.

    Gibby, for Christianloungeforum you could make the homepage links all paid and the one on topsites free. Just a suggestion.
  9. Good idea, Jeff. I just need to build my PR in order for it to be worth it.

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