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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Barcin, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. New to the sight

    Well I grew up in a Christian home and went to Christian schools. That is where I found God. However, now that I'm in college I feel like my faith is really put to the test by secular beliefs. I started attending Bible study at church, but I'll be moving away for college. There I joined a bible study as well, which I'm happy about. However, right now I feel like I don't have as much Christian surroundings as I once did, that is why I'm hear, to help excerise my faith and keep it strong. Thanks for this great forum!
  2. Welcome Barcin,

    Yes, you have indeed come to the right place. There is a group of wonderful loving people here and as you navagate your way around may you be blessed.:welcome::welcome:
  3. Welcome!
    It is very nice to meet you and I know you will like it here!
    May the Lord use the forum to help and encourage you during this exciting time of change in your life.
  5. Hello Barcin

    I am new to these forum and I come for the same reason.

    I grew up in a Christian family. Since leaving home I have been surrounded by secular beliefs. I would go as far as total contempt for religion. That is why I have come here.

    I am pleased to have found this forum. I will admit I have not been the best Christian. I attend church and prey, read my Bible and think of God. But I feel distant from God. My life has suffered because of this.

    So also I thank you for this forum. God bless.
  6. WELCOME! I am new here also. This site is awesome! :dance:
  7. Welcome Barcin.
  8. Hi Barcin and welcome- I hope you enjoy being a part of the CFS family!
  9. Hello, Barcin!:)

    I'm sure you'll love it here!

    God bless you and WELCOME!!!

  10. Good to see you here. Youll love this site. Enjoy it!

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