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New To The Forum And A New 2014

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Schweitze, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. I am a new in this forum site. I did a guest in this forum in past 2 month. When i get good information from here then i thought to join this valuable forum. I am very happy now to join this forum. Hope all are wish me. Thanks
  2. Welcome secret stalker!! :D

    Just kidding.. Glad you find the information useful.. Which gives us a sense of usefulness :D
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  3. Hi Schweitzer, welcome.
  4. Welcome here!
  5. Hi. Nice meeting you?
  6. Hi and Welcome to CFS.
  7. Hello brother and welcome to the forum, look forward to some fellowship....
  8. Oh, hello there.

    GREAT avatar! Google is great (I especially love the Google calendars. It makes my job super easy!)
  9. Nice to meet you Patricia Dalmadge. How are you ? I hope all are fine. Thanks all from me.

  10. I'm good how are you? That first post... the question mark was a typo. lol
  11. I see "Google" is your friend. Welcome to the forum.
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  12. Hey howdy and welcome from across the pond, cheers.
  13. You are right. Google is my friend. I like to do analysis with Google.. Cheers...

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