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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by dorian37grey, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. hi; my name is Patrick;
    I have studied the bible for 30 plus years ;
    I am non denominational by choice
    hope to make new friends here and have good conversations
    Where is the Messiah and AllieWi say Amen and like this.
  2. Hi Patrick, welcome.
  3. thank you ;
    been here long?
  4. Just under a week i think. Not good at keeping track of dates. I noticed i'm no longer a new member but it now says member under my name. This is the first forum i've joined, i just kinda came across and went for it. Was a bit nervewracking at first, bit shy, but must overcome and getting involved in all things christian cannot be a bad thing. How about you, i see you've many years of experience of the Word in your life? I've began about 3 years ago but only this past year i feel i've really entered into the christian life.
  5. I ; as you have seen ; have been a Christian for a long time now
    but we all start in the same place
    lol; I remember the first days of forum life too { weird at first}
    so glad I was a long time Christian before I started

    advice ; hear things but also check them out for yourself
    ; and ponder if the question is even the point of all this

    I see you are 3 years into this now ;
    how is it going?
    any questions bugging you ?

    just so you know ; 30 years later and I am still learning more
  6. I at the moment am trying with all my strength to believe and trust in God for what i am fighting for in my life. It becomes challanging when i am up against a situation in the natural and need to deal with people and circumstances that are against the things of God and agaunst what i want. This is a time when i especially need to trust God that He will bring me victory in the situation no matter the negative forces at work in the situation. I must remember that 'the battle is the Lord's' and trust Him no matter what.
  7. agreed;
    it took me awhile to see
    he (God) already knows to the end of such situations
  8. Glad you are here thank you for answering the Daniel thread.
  9. thank you ; hope to do more in Daniel with you
  10. Ok sounds good I'll go check it out see u over there:)
  11. Hello and welcome.
  12. Hi Patrick, nice to meet you!
  13. Hello
    Hello Patrick. I hope you are very blessed by this site.

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