New to Christian Forum - Introduction

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Pastor Linda, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. New to Christian Forum - Introduction


    I am new to Christian Forum. My husband and I have been pastors since 1985, with Harvest Church International. Christian Church | Harvest Church | Phoenix, AZ | Glendale, AZ | Faribault, MN.

    I am also the USA Director for Vision Heaven TV. It is a Christian channel
    that we just launched in Philadelphia - channel 8.2. Our studios are in Drammen, Norway. Our USA office is in Phoenix, AZ. We will be broadcasting live from Israel from the Feast of Tabernacle in September.

    Project Vision Heaven TV - Vision Heaven.

    I am asking for your prayers as we launch this channel which has the potential to reach 5 million people with the good news of the gospel.

    God bless!
    Linda Cross
  2. Hi and welcome to CFS!!
  3. hey there . welcome to CFS .
  4. Welcome to CFS
  5. Sent you an email Pastor Linda.
    Welcome to Christian Forum Site. God bless you in your ministry.
  6. GREETINGS PASTOR LINDA (And Yer HUBBY TOO A'COURSE EH! ;) WELCOME to CFS This is a wonderful forum with tremendous folks to fellowship with... I'm still quite new here myself too, but I have found this place to be an immense blessing to me thus far! I am most pleased to assure you that I'll definetly be honored and blessed to PRAY FOR YOUR MINISTRY IN ISRAEL!!!! Indeed, for a few years now, the Holy Spirit has blessed me with a peculiar LOVE and yearning for all ministry based in Israel as the time of our Lord's soon return draws closer and closer to it's ultimate arrival in GLORY! May the Lord God richly bless you and those involved with every pray you have uttered for supply and strength so far and indeed may He swiftly answer affirmatively those prayers you have yet to utter aloud but which of course He is already well aware of! In Jesus Holy Name. PEACE SHALOM dearest Pastor Linda... I am in HIS Hand & Service always :)
  7. Welcome!
    I will be praying. Wow that is a huge outreach!

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