ALERT New Terrorist Alerts - September 17-18, 2016

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  1. Terrorist Alerts - September 17-18, 2016

    With yet more 'probable' terrorist acts in Manhattan and in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Saturday evening, September 17, the staff at CFS would just like to remind everyone to be extra observant in your travels. As we have all witnessed since the mid 1980's, no one in the world is completely safe and we all should be considering the development of a defensive mindset. Those persons with military or Public Safety training already have the basic tools to know what to look for. Those persons who have no such training may wish to take part in local law enforcement civilian oriented training sessions designed to keep you and your family safe. Contact your local Police, Constable or Sheriff's Department for details.

    Take care, be safe and as both FBI and Homeland Security administrators have said, "If you see it, REPORT it..."
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  2. UPDATE: More pipe bombs have been found near Wayne, New Jersey, a day after the 23rd street explosion in Manhattan and the Seaside Park, New Jersey, marathon route detonation took place. Officials are not yet willing to label these incidents as "terror inspired". However, most logiclly thinking persons can see these incidents for what they are. These incidents, in addition to the Minnesota mall stabbings, are just the most recent attacks on US soil. ISIS has now taken credit for inspiring the mall stabbings.

    Be vigilent, be observant, be prepared and be safe.
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  3. Terrorist suspect captured Monday morning after a shootout with Linden, New Jersey police.

    AMEN !!
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  4. Amen!
    Definitely an answer to prayers!
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  5. Terrorism is a real threat and we must be alert out in public and online. Remember, ISIS have spread through the internet.
    If you notice anythin' strange on the big old wide web, contact your local authority or Cyber Defense Authority.
    As the US Government have rightly said, 'if you see it, report it'.
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  6. UPDATES: The terrorism suspect's personal journals have been seized under search warrants and evidence is surfacing that this person had contact with radical leaders in the Middle East over the past two years. ISIS radicalization is at work and we are once again calling for all U S citizens to be observant in your daily lives. Be prepared for everything and use Christuian discernment to stay safe.
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