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  1. What is the purpose to have devotionals that we do not have sufficient priviledges to read the whole thing?
  2. It's been added to the forum schematic by a software upgrade; every member and some staff cannot see this either.
    I will raise this with the webmaster.

    Any developments, I shall post here.
    In the meantime, just ignore that section.

    Thank you.
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  3. Members add these resources, however once uploaded the member cannot even view it correctly.
    Most resources added are photo's which are displayed in the members posts.
    I wouldn't worry too much about it at present.
  4. Thanks for letting me know :)

  5. My pleasure - that's what I'm here for. (y)
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  6. I did notice that if you click on the devotional, at the top right of the page under information there is a link to where you can read the entire article.
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  7. Thank you John, i must have missed that :ROFLMAO:

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