New quote of the week....

Discussion in 'Humor' started by KitsapGirl, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. New quote of the week....

    As you may know, I write these on my message board above my desk at work. I thought I'd share with you. Sorry if my type of humor is a little off color at times...I see the world a little sideways.

    This Week....

    "Please don't interrupt me when I'm talking to myself, it confuses me."
  2. That makes mah pants wanna git up and dance!

    Brother Rumely!!!!:D
  3. :funnypost:
  4. Hey Kitsapgirl

    I love that and as you get older you will appreciate that even more.... LOL.
  5. Must be one of those 'senior moments' that everyone keeps telling me about... but at age 60, I haven't seen any of those as yet personally...:D
  6. This week....

    from my son...age 12-11/12

    If brains were water, some people would be the Sahara...I would be the Pacific Ocean!

  7. Whatever you are, be a good one. -Abraham Lincoln

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