New Orleans repeating deadly levee blunders

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  1. If the local communities would assist with the financing along with the Corp of Engineers, perhaps the situation would be more to the local's liking. However, since there isn't much of a tax base in the affected areas, (no 'workers', no taxes) there is no 'extra' money for better upgrades. Once again, the gimmie - gimmie - entitlement mentality is at work in N.O. and the surrounding Parishes concerning the levees, in a 100 year long tradition of ripping off hard working taxpayers to provide for those who refuse to.

    With active Tropical Storms once again making US landfall, it is just a matter of time...

    I just hope that the N.O. city officials have a better evauation plan formulated now than the non-existant plan that they had in place during Katrina.
  2. Reminds me of that Sunday school song derived from Scripture:

    The wise man built his house upon the Rock....
    The foolish man built his house upon the sand....
    The rains came down and the flood came up....etc.
  3. In one way yes Rumely I agree. In another I must say things have changed. New Orleans was always lower than sea level but she had a huge network of marshlands and barrier Islands to stop storm surge and slow down approaching storms. These were constantly built up by silt deposited by the Mississippi River. The subsequent straightening and constraining of the river to keep it flowing for ship traffic spelled a slow doom for the marsh. There was no dispersal of silt to rebuild the marsh and the narrowed (and deepened) channel meant the water would be coming out at higher velocity- translation- faster water means (again) no silt deposits. Then there was Mr Go. This was a ship channel cut by the US Corp of Engineers through the marsh. This was also responsible for a huge amount of coastal errosion. Add this all together and we are left with a city with no protection from oncoming hurricanes.
    New Orleans was and is the biggest port in the USA. The locals have their issues but the Federal government is more interested in keeping the port open and the river traffic moving than protecting the city.
    Other places have their issues and some equally as dangerous- California with it's huge quakes. Several major metropolitan cities are built in the flow plains of volcanoes etc. I figure if little Holland can build levees that could contain a catagory 5 huricane the the United States should be able to also.
    There are of course a lot of local politcal issues and a lack of funding from the Corp of Engineers even though they took over authority on the levees many years ago. So it is at the very least a complex issue.
  4. LORD, we bow down and worship You. Bless us, a sinful nation, that has committed what should seem unforgivable atrocities. But you, LORD, our God, are rich in Mercy. We ask you this day, to please, watch over and protect the citizens of New Orleans, and the Southeastern States. Protect everyone around the world, as well, in every kingdom and nation.

    There are great earthquakes in China, The Middle East is suffering with floods, and horrific war, the Southeastern US is being devastated with Hurricanes, California was burning with uncontrollable Wild Fires, and the entire US, as well as the world, is all going towards unbelief, and are turning to other gods, and turning away from you, oh LORD.

    Save their souls, God. Forgive them, LORD, for they know not of what they do. The world needs your help, and we need it terribly.

    Please, God, help us.

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