New Operating System Patch

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Boanerges(Inactive), Dec 27, 2007.

  1. New Operating System Patch

    Windows has announced an important patch for all of its OS's:

  2. Honesty in marketing? *Faints*

    Rooster: Stop being so overdramatic
  3. I just got a new laptop for Christmas that had Vista on it.
    It crashed right out of the box while it was installing the virus updates.

    I hadn't loaded a single program on it yet, only the initial set up.

    My "patch" was to dump the OS re-format the hard drive and load XP.

    I'm still searching for all of the drivers I need for the hardware. But at least it runs.

    My next machine will be a Mac.
  4. Sorry for the troubles brother. You should contact the manufacterer and ask for a fix. They may have given you some non compatible software- I have seen it happen before.
  5. Just one more reason to use obsolete Operating Systems... no one targets them and by the time they are obsolete, all the 'bugs' are gone. [Windows "favorite".]

    Let's all give a big raspberry cheer for Microsoft... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  6. Yeah! There was nothing wrong with 98! I loved it! Bring it back! He he he...was my favorite, too...

    ...I had a heck of a time graduating to XP. I was so set in my ways. Then one day, I said Okay! I installed it, didn't like it, but stuck with it. Now I'm a pro.

    Now everybody's talking about Vista. I'm like: Oooooh, no! I've heard more bad than good, so I'm gonna wait for a while.

    The only reason I had to leave 98 was because some software wasn't compatible.:(

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