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  1. Hello!

    I'm from the Chicagoland area. I'm going off to college in San Diego and I'm super excited to start new someplace different.

    I decided to join because I recently started really accepting the faith and understanding God's Word. All the negative stigma around Christianity really didn't help and I bought into that. Even though I grew up in the church, I can never say I was always a Christian because I kinda just did what my parents told me to do & I was kinda scared of leaving it or else I thought I was gonna go to hell and burn forever. I was also scared of what the people in the church would've thought of if I left because I had a "reputation" as a "good Christian girl."

    I came back because I was going through a really rough time a couple of years ago & contemplated suicide. God pulled me out & gave me a second chance. He showed me He loved me & for the first time, I could completely be myself around someone. I always felt like I had to hide parts of myself in order to be accepted around everyone I knew, including family, but I'm so thankful that's not how God works. After exploring a little bit, I found out that the Christian life is not about being under a dictator and being forced to do what He says. It's about loving back a God that loves us for who we are despite what we done, and through Jesus, we are accepted and we change our ways to serve God lovingly and live a better life. I also found out what it meant to attend church without feeling forced to go. It's because I want to go. It's a different feeling to do something out of choice and joyfulness rather than it being obligatory or the right thing to do.

    I also joined this site because I wanted to be part of a Christian community & grow in faith. I thought that in addition to church, it would help me to expand my knowledge and faith.

    Hope to get to know all of you!! :)
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  2. Welcome Sister to CFS.
    We are pleased to have you here and looking forward to the fellowship with you.

    If you have not yet please read through CFS forum policies and procedures for these will be beneficial in aiding you throughout your time at CFS and ensuring your time will be a joyful more productive time.

    If you have any questions or issues please pm a staff member and we will help out any way we can.

    Again Welcome to CFS
    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance
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  3. Welcome to the forums.
    I am a recent born again Christian too and I am finding these forums engaging. You are at the right place to be part of a friendly community of loving Christians.
    I hope to see you around the forums soon.
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  4. Welcome to CFS
    I am glad you decided to join and looking forward to hearing what God is doing in your life.
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  5. Hello there any welcome to our lovely community of Christians. :)

    You're in for a lot of fun! You will:

    • Laugh
    • Think
    • Discuss
    • Study
    • Read
    • Cry - yes you will...we have some sad stories and heartbreaking stories :cry:
    You can still cry with joy though and that what we want (y)

    I know you're itching to get involved and probably are bored by reading this, for that reason I'll shut up and let you explore.
    If you need anything, feel free to start a thread here.

    Have fun! ;)
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  6. Welcome! :D
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  7. Welcome in the Name of Jesus ! :)
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  8. So glad to have you with us! Welcome!
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  9. Hello and welcome to the forum
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  10. Thank you!! So excited to get to know you all :)
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