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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Michael Joshua, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone. I have been looking around your forum and am very excited to have found it. I am a new member here. Recently I was laid off so in addition to searching the job boards I have been searching for places that will encourage me in my daily walk.

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  2. Welcome Michael. I am the email and tech guy. :D Hope you like the fellowship here.
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  3. Welcome Michael. I'm sure you will be blessed here. Be sure to check out the "Welcome Pack" at the top of this board.



    PS - I pray you will find the perfect job really quickly.
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  4. Hey Michael :)
    Welcome to the forums!

    Dear God, thanks for Michael! I know you have wonderful plans for him! Even though he was laid off, You are still in control and I believe that you will provide him a job! God, I pray that the job will be something that Michael enjoys! In Your name, AMEN!
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  5. wow! Thanks very much. We were in the planning stages of a new business, but I was hoping for about 5 more months of employment before we actually launched. I am hoping to find enough freelance writing jobs that I can make up the loss for a period of time to allow us to get the business off the ground. Appreciate the encouragement.

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  6. Welcome, Michael! I'm a new member as well! May you have Great Prosperity in your freelance endeavors! [​IMG]
  7. God bless you and welcome to the site! Hope you make tons of new friends and grow closer to God!
  8. Well, I found a new job and just finished my first full week. It is a challenging position and I think I fit in well. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes.
  9. I humbly welcome you Michael to CFS. We have a lot to offer in God's word and friendly people to have fun with and learn. I hope you will stik around and join the family of Christ Jesus :)

    Chili out
  10. Yay! There's so much gloomy news about the economy, it's such a blessing to hear good news.
  11. [​IMG]

    Glad you are here.

    Come on in and join the fun and fellowship.
  12. Welcome Michael!

    Good to hear you found a job...Im also looking for job, just had an interview today so will see what happens :D

    Take it easy

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