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  1. Guten Tak!

    Speaking of German movies, have you seen Schindlers list...? Im not sure if its a totally German movie because its in English although its about the Germans and the Jews. Well it must be in German as well if you prefer it :)

  2. Hi Jake,

    Yes, I've seen that quite a few times. I used to own it on DVD, in fact. It's not German, though, as far as I know, because it was directed by Steven Spielberg. All the same, it's a strong portrayal of what went on over there during those horrific times. It has some pretty heartbreaking scenes--like the one where the little girl is wandering the Warsaw ghetto streets right in the middle of the Warsaw Ghetto Massacre and goes upstairs in a house and hides under the bed. I used to skip over that scene sometimes. Later in the movie, when the Nazis are exhuming the mass graves and burning all the bodies, her body is on one of the carts being pushed around. If you look closely, you can see her scarlet coat on the cart. It took me quite a few viewings before I noticed this.
  3. Der Pilger .... Welcome .:welcome::welcome::welcome:

    A thread is started for you so you can get all the welcome messagesfrom friends here at CFS .

    I also know your user name means .... pilgrim . That is great cause we are all pilgrims here on earth just passing through until Jesus takes us home .

    Blessings to you my brother.

  4. Ha ha ... Nice one .... strict orders ... eh ..... hmmmm . Can you put this on your own thread ?;););)

    Well like a good fellow you do follow instuctions .... Now it's my turn to joke .:D:D:D LOL

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