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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Arrie03, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Good day to one and all, just joined from South Africa.
    Hope to join on-line bible study topics, mainly due to my working environment being shift based and making sit-down bible study unfeasible.
  2. Welcome, Arrie03, from South Africa! Our church has a very close connection with Capetown!

  3. Welcome Arrie03

    May the site be enriching for you as you study His Word

    Blessings to you in South Africa from sunny South Australia :)

    And let us not be weary in doing well; for in due season we shall reap if we faint not
    Galatians 6:9
  4. Welcome! Blessings!
  5. Welcome!! :D
  6. Thanks all.
  7. Welcome Brother.
  8. I seem to have missed this so happy belated Welcome my friend.
    Glad that you are here and have been enjoying the fellowship as well.
  9. Wait a minute, God is in South Africa too!!! Wow that is so cool. Just kidding..:)
    I know the Lord goes there once in a while. :)
    Lets have fun brother. feel free to just let the Lord speak through you here......
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  10. Hang on hang on.
    You guys may think that this is some rubbish little third world country, and sorry to say, in many cases you will be right.
    But let me tell you, when it comes to people who are actively dedicating their lives to the Lord Jesus, everyone will be surprised.
    This country is one of the biggies when it comes to Christianity.
    I have to admin, and with the above being said, we have come more under attack by the atheist and pro-LBGT movements for a while now also, but that is just the sign of the times.
    One thing we have over the Americas, our high court still keeps freedom of faith very highly regarded, so attempts to remove Christianity from schools and the public space were met by abrupt snuff from the courts. So yes, we have those same challenges and issues, but are standing strong.
    AS a side note for the guys, the mighty men conference as started by Angus Buchan way back, is taking place this weekend in the town of Middelburg, you may be late to fly in, but can be present in prayers for the travellers.
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  11. I appreciate your relaying this information. Our church has a strong connection with Floyd and Sally McClung of All Nations in Capetown.
  12. We last week had Ballet Magnificat in the country, they spent a whole week in East London and then moved to Johannesburg and again abroad. It was most amazing to see people bringing their testimony and the gospel using this medium, but thoroughly enjoyable. A couple from East London arranged for them to visit us and they came all they way from the USA - very impressive.
    It is always great to know that even there where we are in our little worlds, we are part of a greater family.
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