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New Member from Australia

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Jandante, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. New Member from Australia

    Hello Sisters and Brothers,

    Jan here. I came across your site yesterday when I Googled Freedom Jesus. I had been chatting with an online friend about freedom.

    Thank you for accepting me here. I have had a brief look around and am very encouraged by what I see.

    We are retired now and living in a country town in NSW, Australia. We were looking for community after commuting a lot. My hubby Barry's main interest is singing and playing guitar and we play for senior fundraisers etc and give concerts at Aged Care homes.

    I do look forward to joining in here and getting to know people.

    Blessings - Jan
  2. Hi Jan,

    Welcome to CFS!!! Its great to have another Aussie join the forums :) Btw i play guitar at church and i love the instrument to pieces..Been playing for about 6 years now...Im 23....

    Looking forward to hearing from you more.

  3. Hi Jan,

    Welcome to CFS :)

    hope you enjoy it here .
  4. Welcome to CFS Jan
  5. Welcome to C. F. S. , Jan .

    Looking forward to fellowshiping with you .

    Blessings .
  6. Hi Jan,

    Welcome to CFS! :smiley10:

    I am new here is well! hope you enjoy the forums, I sure have!

    See you around here

    Ryan T
  7. Thank you for the warm Welcome to CFS.

    Blessings - Jan
  8. Could somone please tell me when I will be able to see My Profile, and also others.

    And also about Partial Members and Full Members. I have seen members with less than 10 posts Full members, and someone with a large number of posts as a Partial Member

    Thank you.
  9. Hi there.... Welcome to CFS. :)
  10. Hi Jan, I have just joined; I am from Perth.
  11. Hi guys, I think the whole of Australia enjoyed the Melbourne cup. Did you guys dress up? Joke :)

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