New looks

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. New looks

    Hows the new look for CFS? :D
  2. It is certainly different and my first reaction was Wow it is bright but I am adjusting and rather like it however I suffer from partial colour blindness so I am the wrong person to give a valid opinion.
  3. Where is my post that said,


  4. It looks so clean and bright and neat!!!
  5. definitely neater. :)
  6. I am one that doesn't like change much, however I must say . . .


    This change I like!

  7. great job

    very cool !
  8. Pretty cool looking but I think it is a little to bright. Honestly there are days when I have headaches that I really would have to wear shades to view this.
  9. Do we have the option of changing back to the old one through usercp? :eek:

    I just have a problem now where the words are all itty bitty, and I have to scroll to the right to read. I hate the scrolling part. I prefer being able to read a post without going back and forth.

    Otherwise the new look is fine. :) I know first hand how much work goes into this type of thing.
  10. Wow!! Pretty cool.
  11. The type does indeed look smaller.
  12. Hold down CTRL and press "+" and it will increase the font size.
  13. Hello!
    I barely had time to get used to the old look, and I do like this. I can tone down the brightness on my computer. But Bookworm is right, the font in the message boxes is tiny. Can you make it about this size? Those of us in bifocals will love you forever if you could, lol.

    Gee whiz, in here less than 24 hours and I'm already griping. Sorry!
    Peace and blessings,
  14. T3h 0r@ng3 .... it burnzorz....
  15. Oh, there we go. Control and + works -- I had forgotten about that. Duhh!
    Peace and blessings - and a thank you!
  16. Control plus makes it bigger but also crops both sides of the page.
  17. On my way, correcting this issue. :)
  18. I like it! :D

    The arcade button is back!

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