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  1. Looks great! Modern and up to date. Great job guys!
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    That's good to know. Thank you @Major for the feedback.
  3. I thought I was about to see a new avatar of the new Major for 2015 :giggle:.

    Always on top of your upgrades Jeff!! Thanks for your effort in this site. You definitely going the extra mile.
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  4. @KingJ Thank you for your support.
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  5. Site looks great Jeff! Love the new theme. Your work for kingdom of God is amazing and you will certainly see the rewards :)
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  6. I agree with the rest of the folks responding to how great it looks. And while I was only here to see the old theme for a day, I really do like this one. Great job Jeff!
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  7. @Ravindran and @Rezz thank you very much for the kind words. You guys and the CFS team make me want to do more. :D
  8. The website looks fantastic. Up-to-date and modern; it seems to be laid out better too. (y)
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  9. Happy to hear that! :D And thank you for supporting our work.
  10. I'm happy to support a noble cause in which I believe. I will be setting up continual support when my upgrade is due.
    Keep up the excellent work @Jeffin.
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  11. I guess there's always going to be one...

    I appreciate the work and am happy to go with the majority or with Jeffs direction but in terms of offering my own personal feedback... I find the text in this layout takes up too much such space and seems to create the need for more vertical scrolling than I like. I found the same with another layout that was tried briefly a few months ago.
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  12. Our team and I really appreciate the support. Thank you again.
    Thank you for the honest feedback. I will make small tweaks based on general feedback. Although I'd like to keep it at a minimum so future software upgrades don't spoil these tweaks. Thanks again.
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  13. Not thrilled with "the new look". Guess I'll get used to it.
    As mentioned above, everything seems to take up a lot more real estate now.
    Too much empty space.
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  14. Thank you for the feedback. I've noted the suggestion. :)
  15. I like the new "reply" feature to portions of posts, altho it took me a bit to figure it out and how to turn it on (highlight). Glad you fixed the online bible popups, I'd become addicted to it. (oops that's another thread). Props for not standing still. Silk walking away grumbling "but I don't like things changing all the time." :)
  16. That's very much me. A creature of habit.
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  17. It doesn't seem to have too much negative space to me. In fact, it almost seems to be taking up more than I remembered, but that may just be because I'm not used to the new look.

    Personally, I like simplicity. It's remaining simple enough.
  18. Is it my imagination or have you already shrunk the forum listings a bit? They seem to me to look much better now but I'm still finding the text in the threads too big.
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  19. Yah its crazy lol
  20. I love it already!

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