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  1. I have worked as a laborer in Chicken farms, supermarket, call-centers and recently I quit working because I never really enjoyed them so I ended up doing some house work and stuff. I really wanted a good job and God provided me one. Next week I am attending a service consultant training with ANZ bank in Melbourne and after that my God's I'll join the bank as teller. Humbled and happy to have God on my side!! :) Praise Jesus.
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  2. O WOW!! your getting quite the resume brother! Your young and full of energy. ............................I'm old and full of energy. Treat your body kind......................I did not. If you can stay full of energy and not get beat up like I did in my younger years "ie" moto crashes=14, car crashes =3 among other things .treat your temple good ")
    Congratulations jeffin. Git er dunnnn [​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Ooh.. I am learning to take care of my body. Have a weak lower back and wrists because of previous job. God gives us strength so no problem!! :D
  4. All the best with the new job Jeff! Be a light as I am sure you will!
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  5. Great news Jeff. I am sure you will be a light there. God Bless you Jeff
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  6. How wonderful! I am sooo excited for you!! There's no telling how God will use you in this position to influence others for Him, (no pun intended!). I knowyou will do well, but don't forget us here!! Have you done your little "Snoopy dance" yet? (You have to be a Peanuts cartoon fan to know what a Snoopy dance is!!)
    ;-D Blessings!!!
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  7. I know what it is hehehe. Over hear we call it the Friday dance. it's Friday it's Friday neener neener neener LOL
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  8. Hahah! Close! Snoopy (a beagle that belonged to Peanuts) would hold his dead up high in the air, close his eyes, and his feet would pitty-pat quickly as he dance around with glee!
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  9. Oooops! That is...hold his HEAD up high in the air! And, "danced" around. It might make more sense this way!! (sorry!)
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  10. Thanks for being such an encouragement to me. I am going through a 5 day training and really enjoying it too! God's awesome.
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  11. Isn't it wonderful, the feeling you have when you know God is working and you are responding?! Enjoy the's a blast!
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