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  1. I have the Jewish New Testament by Sterns...He also has a Jewish Bible; Old Testament and commentaries for both. I love the "Jewishness" of the actual Hebrew words ie...taladim instead of disciples. blessing of thanks before a meal...B'rucha...knowing a bit of Hebrew and the richness of the Jewishness of our Bible really enhances the reading.

    The New Testament was written in Greek but having the Hebrew words put it more into the context of what it was really like at Jesus' time and through the age of the writing of the New Testament.

    I think you might really enjoy reading it; especially if you "know" the scriptures; just to see the Jewishness of the Word of God is enriching.

  2. If it's Jewish then it will be only the Old Testament and of course it will be anti Christian. You just have to filter and compensate in places. No don't have it. Also have Sterns, but it is only the New Testament. I'm not aware that he has an OT translation. Sterns has a much thicker NT commentary that goes with it. The commentary is of more value in my opinion.

  3. Mathew who wrote one of the Gospel's was Jewish..
  4. All the writers of the books of the Bible were Jewish; with exception of Luke who was a Gentile follower of Yeshua and good friend to the Jewish persecutor turned disciple, (Saul) Paul.

    Stern's Jewish OT (and Complete Jewish Bible OT and NT) is pretty thick. There is another Hebrew Bible that is even more awesome but one really does have to know a lot of Hebrew to read it (transliterated of course). It is like reading Les Miserables and having knowledge of the French language and culture; it is awesomely rich in deed to have the knowledge and "feel" the culture.

    The Old Testament was originally written in still read in the original Hebrew in Traditional Jewish synagogues and Messianic congregations TODAY...

    it is awesome to hear the words "Baruch ata Adonai Eloheynu Melech Ha 'Olam"...the beginning of EVERY "blessing" or prayer which means...Blessed art Thou, O Lord Our God, King of the Universe"... Of course WE end it with B'shem Yeshua (in Jesus' Name!):D and know that Jesus (Yeshua) Himself said EXACTLY the same thing (if he spoke Hebrew rather than Aramaic; there is discussion) but nonetheless; He would have said "THAT" blessing many many times in His lifetime...

    I say, if it was good enough for Him,
    it is good enough for me...


    (that includes hummus, pita bread, lamb, pomegranates,
    figs, dates and olives amongst other mediterranean foods!)
  5. So I went ahead and ordered it online yesterday from Chapters-Indigo. Looking forward to it. I don't know if I've actually been excited about a new bible before but I am for this one. Woo-hoo!
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  7. wow that looks like a REALLY good one. Will have to look into that one too.
  8. I got my Jewish Study 'Bible' on Wednesday and am only now just having a chance to look at it properly. WOW there is alot of reference material in there. Should keep me busy for a while.

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