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  1. I just wanted to introduce myself. I wanted to find fellowship online with other Christians, and this looked like a great place to find it! Below is a link to my blog, which is mostly reflections about God. I am a wife, mother of 4, special education teacher, and currently working on publishing my first book.
  2. Welcome to the forums maischoen!! You have definitely come to the right place.. :) Hope you enjoy your stay here and good luck with that first book :)

    God Bless
  3. Welcome to the site! :D I've been trying to get some ideas to write a book for some time. I hope you get to finish yours. :)
  4. It's finished I am in the publication process which is a lot of hard work/prayer and trust! I have had a couple of lucrative publication offers and I also have the option to self-publish! I believe God led me to write my book and that if it is his will it will be published in his time. So I am patiently praying and waiting!
  5. Oh that's great!! I can't imagine what must go on in publications. I read about all my favorite authors "About Me" in their websites and they all say the same thing. Hard work, trust, and takes a long time!
    I pray you get published :D
  6. Welcome to the forums! =) Glad to have you here!!

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