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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by wordjunkie, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. new here

    I am new here but I do appreciate all of your prayers for my family and I.I really don't have alot of time cause I am packing to leave the island for hurricane ike.real quick in a nutshell I am a ex-speed freak and have been clean the grace of GOD.I am still an addict only now I am addicted to JESUS.If you get addicted to JESUS he will be your fix,he doesn't care what time you call him and he never puts you on hold.I want to overdose on him if that is possible.Please pray for everybody that is evacuating on the road and especially the homeless here that have nowhere to go.thanks...Be blessed mike:groupray:this place is cool:cool:write more when I get back:israel:
  2. Welcome:israel:Wordjunkie,
    I have prayed for you,family and homeless...
    Father Bless You.:groupray:
  3. Hello and welcome brother

    God bless
  4. Welcome wordjunkie.:D
    :groupray: praying for your safety and quick return.
  5. Dear Word ... Welcome and we are praying for all the hurricane victims.

    Amen about being adicted to Jesus .... that's the best adiction.
  6. :welcome: to the Site. :israel:
  7. Welcome Mike.

    Great turnaround you've seen, hallelujah!

    Prayers echo yet for you and other hurricane victims. :groupray:
  8. Welcome word...

    I'm new here to, but rest assure I'm praying for you and your family and all the victims of hurricane Ike.

    Lord, Please keep word and his family safe. Allow them all those affected by this hurricane safety in travels and a quick recovery of anything that may have been lost. Watch over them Lord, cover them with your peace, fill them with your pressence and allow them to remember that all things work toward the goodness of your will. Heal those who have been injured and keep safe those who've been blessed by your protection. I ask and pray all this in Jesus Name! ~Amen~

    God's Blessings,

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