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  1. To introduce myself, I am Vindex and am a writer, author and patriot. I have been a Christian since I was a young child. Much of my work is used as information which is spread across the world and at times those who have spread my work claim it has been sourced out to approximately 12 million viewers. I do not make any profit from what I do in any way shape or form, not even donations.

    I attempt to show the hand of God in the world through history, social structure, politics and our daily lives. I am not as well known among those who would be friendly to me as I rather put myself into the front lines allowing those who wish to harm this nation (USA) and our people to be my main audience. I would love to get to know more people here, get involved and perhaps make a few friends. Due to my time line of work I may be here and there but will do my best to be as involved as possible.

    You can learn more about me at . Do not worry there is nothing to buy, just be prepared to challenge what you know :)
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  2. Forgive my lateness in welcoming you to the forum! :) I hope you will find it cozy here.
  3. Welcome to the forum Vindex! That's quite a nice site you have up there. How long have you had it up and running for??

  4. Hi Vindex! Welcome to CFS. You will learn a lot here about Jesus and the Christian ways. We are hot for Jesus and HE was not kidding when HE made chili's heheheh. So feel free to roam about and git to know some of us and GOD.
    God bless you a whole lot!!

    Bro Chili out.
  5. Welcome. Excellent site. Hope to hear from you.

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