New here....Have a question

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Mass, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. New here....Have a question

    Hello all,

    I am new here and I wish to ask a question.
    I have troubles in my life that are severe,as do tons of others here on earth.
    My question is: If I pray for my wife or seems like a very humble act. If Jesus/God would allow hundreds of thousands of children and wives to be pulled into the sea at the event of the Tsunami of recent, why would my children or wife be any more special than all of those people?
    It seems that by prayiing or asking for the safety and security of my three children and wife pale in the wishes of all of those thousands that parished.
    How am I to understand this?

    Please forgive the format in which I ask.
    I was baptised at birth, raised in a very religious family but my folks decided to leave thier faith when they got married and moved off to be on thier own. It wasn't until recent that I have found my way back to faith, so please bear with me.

    All the best,
  2. Man, that's a loaded post! Your family is no more or less important than those in the tsunami, neither is my family, the Pope's, Billy Graham's, or anyone else's. We are all equal in the eyes of God.

    Last week, a family we're friends with in another city faced the worst tragedy I can imagine. Their oldest son, a freshman in high school, was taking a shower, slipped and hit his head, and died the next day. They're a Christian family and wonderful people. I've commented to my wife that I will never, ever, ever understand why God allowed this to happen.

    But, as a Christian, I also know that all things work together according to God's perfect plan, even this terrible event. How? I don't have the slightest idea. I often think of my Top 10 list of things to ask Jesus once I get to heaven, and things like this are right at the top.

    We are not made to understand everything, but simply have to accept the reality. I often think that if everything took place according to man's wishes, this world would be in terrible shape, particularly if all of my prayers were answered. We don't have the eternal vision to see the glory that will be brought to God through tragedies, it's impossible. But, we simply must have faith that His plan is perfect and will be revealed in time.

    All we can do is praise God for his grace that we're not in that situation currently, understanding it's His will. Of course, that's easy for me to say as the these tragedies haven't affected me directly yet. Truly, "But for the grace of God...."
  3. In Luke 13: 1-5 (KJV) we are shown in Christ's own words that accidents happen. Those eighteen souls that were killed when the tower in Siloam fell on them were no more or less sinners or repenters than anyone else. Did they 'deserve' to perish? Hardly. It was an accident. We are shown 'that tragedy strikes all kinds of people, regardless of their spiritual standing with God'(*1).

    One of the best studies on accidents from scripture that I have researched can be found here:

  4. Mass we are all precious in His sight, He numbers the hairs on our heads and He hears every cry of His children. In matters such as this tragedy I find it helps to look at things from a heavenly perspective. Our bodies are temporary and for those who die in Christ physical death is a promotion, many a day I wish to be standing in my heavenly Fathers presence but until my race is finished here I press on. I have lost loved ones but only in the physical sense for I know they are with my Lord- you will never loose anything you trust in His hand. When I feel sorrow I stop myself and begin praising my God for I know they are even now rejoicing in his presence.
    As far as the ones that died without Jesus I would like to say that God would not miss a single lamb that would have Him. Jesus died for all but not all will have Him.Those He foreknows He predestines- Our Lord knows everything that will befall us,all our choices and He is never taken by surprise and always has a plan - remember man of God-
    1 When you are born again God gives you a new spirit
    2 when the dead are ressurected God will give you a new body
    3 He is the Savior of your soul
    4 To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord
    I spent some time hooked on a live electrical line , I could not free myself and could feel my heart slowing down but- I was not afraid- death is only a door that when opened will bring me into His arms.
  5. Dear brother,

    As mentioned by Bassmasa, your family is equally important and as precious to others in the eyes of God. You can pray for the safety of your family, and God will listen. Have faith when you pray. We don't know God's plan for our lives, but we do know that what he gives us is the best for us.

    Pray for the physical safety and needs of your family and rest all in God's hands. He will take care of you. But more still, pray for their spritual condition, so that they may fear not the men, troubles and tragedies on earth, and they may also not fear death and judgement.

    Have faith brother, when you pray. Our GOd is a God of love, not a mean grabber of lives and a God of destruction. Sin is the cause of all destruction, and sometimes the innocent have to suffere because of that. But remember that God is real and he loves you enough to die for you, just as He had been crucified for the sake of every human being on earth. Remember that He who loves you so much will only give you the best if you choose to hand over you life and the lives of your family to him.

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