New here! Could use some opinions! :)

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Derek Currie, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Hey howdy Derek and welcome.

    Well, there's one survey done.
  2. Hello! thanks so much! :)
  3. No problem, glad I could help and your welcome.
  4. You better be staying after this survey :p :p :p :p

    Taking it after this comment :)
  5. Yeah I'm interested in reading more on this site haha! thanks!
  6. Is this for college?
  7. Yeah, it's for my cultural anthropology class. We had to conduct a survey about something within a community we are a part of
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  8. So Derek; are you mainly doing this for class or do you have an interest in the opposing view to evolutionary theory? There are some good internet resources if you so desire.
  9. I submitted a survey. Is there any reason why you are taking an anthropology class?
  10. Hey Derek.. Submitted from my side.. As quoted already, you better stay back :D

    Otherwise.. We will find you... LOL!
  11. This project is mostly for a class, however I chose most of the subject matter because it is something I personally think about a lot. I'm not super interested in evolution per say, but I do find it to be interesting and wonder how much merit the theories really have.
  12. Thanks! No, I'm in art school and needed to take a social science class so this one seemed to be most appealing
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  13. Thanks for your input! You guys really care about that don't you haha :p
  14. Hi Derek, I did your survey. Welcome to CFS
  15. Thanks! :)

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