New guy in CFS

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Seito, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. New guy in CFS

    Hello all, and God Bless. I'm new here... as you may or may not have guessed by now.
    I've been a christian for some time now, and would like to get to know some good Christian brothers and sisters. Just a small post from Bonnie Scotland saying "HI" to all Christians here!
    God bless, and I'll be talking to you all later :)
  2. Hi Seito, it is wonderful to have you here with us, perhaps you could share your testimony some time- I look forward to talking to you- in His Name Larry
  3. Hey Seito,
    Welcome to our humble abode. :)
  4. Hello Seito! What language is that? Japanese? I'm a Chinese.
  5. Well done Mustardseed, it is indeed Japanese: 聖徒 for Disciple, because that is what I am. Thanks to you all for your warm welcomes, I'm looking forward to have a chat with you all. So for now, じゃまた (see you around)!
  6. My face!! My beautiful face!! He stole my face!!

    j/k Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  7. 聖徒is Chinese! lol
  8. Kanji is Kanji. There are about 5000 "Chinese" symbols used in primary education in Japan, as well as another 15,000 which are generally understood. Most Kanji symbols can be used as long as the furigana is accompanying it as well.
  9. Oh dear. This is all greek to me. What is Kanji and furigana?
  10. Kanji is the actual characters itself (i.e. 聖徒... out of curiousity what does this mean in Chinese? and how do you pronounce it?) and the Furigana is the Japanese pronunciation of it (i.e. 聖徒 = せいと (Seito))
    Simple eh?

    Cheers man, I'm looking forward to some good discussions, and banter :)
  11. Seito, welcome to the forums. じゃまた often! :D
  12. 聖徒means disciples in chinese (also used in Christianity). So it's your name is it? And are you living permenantly in Scotland?

    Thanks for the explanation.

    By the way, Jeff knows some Japanese too! Way to go!
  13. Yes, I'm living permenantly in Scotland: it's not too bad i guess, aside form all the rain that there is.
    It's god to know that there's someone else who speaks Japanese. It'll be nice to have someone to speak to, to keep my Japanese up to scratch.

  14. Would you happen to know anyone in Scotland with the last name of Buckins?
  15. not off the top of my head. I know some Buchanans... I'm sure that if i search my brains I'll know a "Bukins"... it's not that uncommon. I know plenty of Campbells if thats the same? :)
  16. It's Bukins I think. Donald and Bridget Bukins.
  17. Where about are they from? the town? county? That would narrow down my thinking: I'm Central-east Scotland.
  18. They live in Tullibody but I can't find the borders of scotland on the google map so I can't say were that would be.
  19. Well, I can tell you that Tullibody is in the county (region) of Clackmannanshire, and I'm in the region just east of there (Fife). Unfortunately, I don't know anyone from there. Sorry.
  20. Forgot to tell you... 聖徒 is pronounced as ''sheng tu" in Chinese. lol
    So welcome and hope to see lots of your posts!

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