New guy from tampa!!!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by dannyb785, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. New guy from tampa!!!

    Hey everyone! after years of browsing secular message boards, I realized, what a dummy I was by not being part of a christian one! Since secular boards are dominantly liberal nonchristians, debates certainly were never fun to have 20 people against you.

    Anyone else here from tampa or somewhere close??
  2. :DHi Danny, welcome to CFS! I think you will find it a friendly place.:cool:
  3. Welcome Danny...I'm down the road a bit from you in Port Charlotte. I know exactly what you mean about the secular liberal boards!!
  4. Hi Danny,
    Although I am not really near Tampa. I am in England I still wanted to welcome you to our happy forum family.
  5. WELCOME!!!
  6. My brother lives in Orlando, and he might take me to tampa so see a lightning game vs the leafs (NHL) Myself, I'm up here in Southern Canada.
  7. Hi, Danny and Welcome to CFS. Seasonally we are fairly close to you at our venues on Marco Island and in Mt. Dora just east of Leesburg.
  8. wow! nice response. I checked earlier today and there were no replies so I definitely feel welcomed. Thanks!
  9. welp, not in Tampa yet but I will be for my first year of college =] so, never no may run into you and not even know it .. lol =p
  10. Welcome to the forum. I know what you mean about secular forums. After being on this one where everyone is always so uplifting, now when I go to other forums they feel so negative and oppressive.

  11. seriously... I cant count how many times I'll start a thread and come back 6 hours later with it turning into bashing or getting off topic or something stupid
  12. Gosh, that scenario sure sounds familiar!
  13. Danny - you will find CFS a bit different from other Forums. We do not tollerate any heated exchanges. Our regulations are posted throughout the Forum and there is no excuse for members not knowing and following those regulations.

    Reminder: If ANYONE sees an inappropriate post - do not reply to it yourself. Just click on the REPORT POST ICON under the individuals name and we, on the Moderator Team will deal with it.

    Thank You.

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