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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Art, May 6, 2008.

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  1. New Guy from Australia

    Hi Guys,
    I found this forum when I googled for Christian forums.
    I often have questions, and will no doubt need advice.

    Just got saved a few months ago, and am planing a baptism on the 18th.

    Just a little about me...
    I had to hit a bit a low before reaching out for God's help at 33 years of age.
    I was heavily smoking cannabis (was permanently stoned), and also had a nasty addiction to Coca Cola
    (addiction is when you drink 4 litres a day minimum, or get headaches).
    Also suffered an anxiety disorder that prevented me from maintaining employment,
    and I've had six jobs this year which lasted an average of two days each.

    I finally cried out for God's help when I wasn't even able to attend a job I had been offered.
    I would start panicking at some stage on the trip to work for no good reason.
    I didn't really think God would answer my prayer, but he most certainly did.
    Thankfully God helped me leave this life behind, and I'm a new man just
    a few months later :)
    Brek Martin.
    "Art" is a name I use on hobby related forums, so I thought I'd carry it over to here.
  2. Hi Housesitter,
    Thankyou, what a quick reply :)
    I will have a further read when I get home.
    I've joined a cell group which is like a small group of men from my church that meet Tuesday nights.
    cya :)
  3. Belonging to a cell group can be a great help.
    I was delighted to read your testimony in the first post.
    I am sure God has great things in store for you.
  4. Hello! Im also from Australia..and I pray God blesses you with everything you could ever want and need.
    Your testimony is really powerful! God is truly great and I know He is so proud of you for hearing his call.
    Have fun around the forum!
  5. Hey,
    What part of Aus are you from? I am from Qld. Welcome to the boards, I hope we are an encouragment to you! :)
  6. Thanks again :)
    I'm back, from a rather interesting night. Looks like I get baptized a day earlier now :)

    I'm from Queensland too :) A city called Ipswich (near Brisbane).
    I wouldn't want to live anywhere other than SE Queensland.
    We live in a wonderful place, especially if you love the outdoors, and can escape the city.
    I love camping and mountain climbing, and we have plenty of beautiful places here for that.
  7. Welcome to the Site, Brek.
  8. [​IMG]

    To the forum, Art! We have lots of Aussies here, so I am sure you will feel right at home! Stop by the Inner Room sometime and give Bondman a shout. (he's from DownUnder, too!) Due to health reasons, he pretty much sticks to only a few threads and doesnt venture out much. He'd love to hear from you!
  9. Hello and welcome
  10. Amazing, we are only about 2 hours away from each other! I am near Toowoomba.
  11. Thanks again for the warm welcomes :)
    Ah, yes, I used to work occasionaly in Toowoomba.
    I ate at a restaurant there, I think it is called the Spotted Cow.

    Almost got to do some hiking there too.
    Must get back there for that one day :)
  12. Art I was delivered from drugs and alcohol. I used to wake up in the morning by drinking and drugging. One day Jesus came so near and became so real in my life that those things simply lost their appeal to me. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.
    As far as caffeine withdrawal it will give you headaches for a week to ten days but it will pass. You can cut down slowly or just quit and get it over with - either way will help your anxiety. You should avoid stimulants of any kind. Also some marijuana can give you paranoid tendencies.
    I am keeping you in my prayers, your friend and brother Larry.
  13. [​IMG]

    God has brought you to the right place for encouragement and fellowship; with other believers.
  14. Thanks Larry, and Dusty,
    but particularly to Larry... God helped me let go of all of these physical dependencies almost immediately! :D
    I've been off just about every unhealthy habit for a few months now, and haven't looked back.
    I didn't even think about giving up soft drink, it just sort of happened.
    This is the only part I'm dealing with right now.
    Getting close to God. It's difficult for me to grasp the concept of having a "relationship"
    with him, or actually love him. I don't know if that sounds bad, but I can't say I love God.
    I try to pray, etc., but I can't say I have a relationship with God.
  15. It is all part of the growing dont start out a relationship just head over heals in love with some one.. same with God. you try and draw close to him by studying his word and praying.. and He will give you reason enough to love Him over time.

    When you are 1st saved. you are a child in Christ. as time goes by, you will grow into maturity in Christ.. its all a process.. you will get to a point of closeness and loving God.. just b/c you dont right now is not a problem. trust me.. It WILL come.
  16. I agree - it's something that takes time to develop. The fact that God isn't a tangible thing means - for me anyway, it is more difficult than with a human being.
  17. Welcome to the forums...what a great testimony of God's great kindness and mercy on your life! Praise the Lord !
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