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  1. Our (my husband's and my) only daughter (we also have 3 sons) gave birth to her (and her husband's) second child on Monday, January 25th. She gave birth to her only daughter (their other child is a boy). Our newest granddaughter (we now have 8 girls and 5 boys), is our 13th grandchild. She is precious! And, a gift from God!! She and mom are both doing well. And, they are now home from the hospital. I am thankful to God for this new life and for her safe passage into this world. We are truly blessed!
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  2. Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing this wonderful news. So you have enough grandchildren to have full football team and even substitutes :D ha ha!! Great news sister..
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  3. Yes, though some of them are a little young to play yet. :) The youngest is 3 days old, then we have 2 - 2 year olds, seven in the 4-9 year old range, and 3 teenagers, two of whom are graduating high school this year. I have my quiver full! :)
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  4. Thank You Jesus for new life.

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  5. Thank you. Yes, I thank Jesus for her life. Amen!
  6. Congrats!!! :D
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  7. Thank you! She is a precious gift from God.
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  8. Congratulations Sue! JI'm and I are rejoicing with you and your family

    God bless you all
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  9. Cturtle, Thank you so much! I would appreciate your prayers for the little one and for her mom, our daughter. Our granddaughter evidently takes after her older brother, i.e. what he was like when he was newborn. She falls asleep before she gets enough milk, evidently, and so my daughter is having to try to keep her awake longer so that she gets enough milk. She is losing weight, and the doctors are concerned. Her older brother did the same thing when he was a newborn. So, just praying she eats better.
  10. Her weight was back up today. Yay! Praise Jesus!
  11. Wow that's just brilliant to hear, many congratulations, sounds like you're a lovely grandmother and I hope you enjoy your new wee one....
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  12. Thank you! I love all my grandchildren.

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