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Discussion in 'Site Showcase' started by Daniel H. Lantz, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. There is a new free of charge Christian Web Site at this address and if you like the pics and the message we are conveying please take a moment and click like now here is the address
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  2. Hmmm. Lot of images, but none of Jesus! I'm disappointed.
  3. I se lots of pics of Jesus. Perhaps your putter didn't,t load right
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  4. My 'putter' wants the real McCoy. All I see is artists impressions of what they think I should think Jesus looked like.
    Sorry, but I'm only interested in the real know, graven images and all that?
  5. U crack me up! ...putter! Lol! :)
  6. Well it's up to you to have the good sense God gave you as a Christian not to sit there and worship the images. That would be under worshiping graven images I think.
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  7. That is exactly right.... and that is why a web site like that has nothing to offer me or attract me to it. But then I'm not overly surprised, I have found face book to be nothing much more than a spam agent anyway.......thinking of deleting my face book account.

    But you are right: "That would be under worshiping graven images I think." Poorly worded on my account.
    The Real McCoy is not graven images; only images depicting deity are taboo.

    I suppose for the sake of pedantry, they are not 'graven' images, nonetheless, Psa 17:15 tells me where to look to see His face, and 'face Book' doesn't even get a mention.
  8. I'd check it out if I could but I can't as my work computer doesn't let me look at facebook. I'll check it out when I'm in the MWR though and feel free to check out mine as well which is in my sig.
  9. I agree with Calvin on the picture/painting thing. No one knows what Jesus looked like so all you have is what someone thinks He looked like.

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