New Floor

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  1. New Floor

    Children, dogs, cats and carpet do not mix!
    We are ripping up the carpet and putting something solid down
    Wondering if anyone has this type of flooring or knows anything about it~
    Armstrong has the same thing......
    If anybody has any info, I'd appreciate it!
    Thank you~
  2. I have put down wood floors- a real mistake with kids. We all know the perils of carpet. Vinyl products such as this are easy to put down, care for and replace. If they do have a downside it is the lack of hardness inherent in all vinyl since the departure of asbestos tile. They are however very low maintenance. Years of being a dad have settled me on porcelain floors. They are almost indestructible but the cost more and are really hard if someone falls.
    Just some random thoughts. It really boils down to what you want.:D:)
  3. Another thought- if you go from thicker carpet to thinner vinyl you will most likely need to do some work on your moulding. Either the addition of or adjustment to some quarter round along your existing shoe molding should do it.
  4. Good points.
    I would say our number one priority is long lasting durability.
    I would rather pay top dollar for permanent flooring than go cheaper and have to deal with rips, scratches, water marks, etc.
    The only issue I have with ceramic tile is the nasty grout.
    Plus, we have some by our back door and there are cracks in it!

    We kind of wanted the same thing in every room on the first floor too~
    Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, Media room, Family room, Laundry room, bedroom and bathroom.....

    We thought it would make the looks of things flow better.

    I just want the most durable thing out there.
    I love the look of wood the most.

    Thanks, BL

    I really need help!
  5. Porcelain is much harder than ceramic. There are non stainable epoxy grouts but they are more expensive and harder to work and clean. I haven't see grout crack unless the tiles are not properly bonded and are shifting/cracking or if you are talking about very old tile. Perhaps the subfloor has moisture problems?!
    Another type of flooring you might consider is Pergo:
    This floor has the look of wood and a great reputation for durability.
  6. When we first moved to Dallas, I worked for a Natural Stone company that sold granite, slate, marble, lime stone, etc! Most durable floor you will ever install is granite! It works! A lot of people think it's expensive, but it's not when you go with granite tile and it lasts twice or 3 times longer than any other floor, including ceramic tile! I am talking of course about your kitchen floor, dining room and possibly family room or the place your family gathers together most often. For the rest of the house, I would go with wood personally, especially since these days, you can get your wood treated to resist the most strong of scratches and spills, including pet accidents! For the bathrooms, tile too! That's what I would do anyway!

  7. I am sure the wood floors may be easier to take care of now but mine were a disaster. I refinshed them once and put a 1/4 inch top coat of Val-Spar urathane on them but my kids scratched them badly anyway. Oh yeah then there was the time my fish were fighting and knocked the undergravel filter tubing out of the tank- 55 gallons of water warped 3/4 of my 500 sq. ft of wood. Not a biggy in the end thou cause like a good neighbor State Farm was there! Since I put the floors in myself (on a floating subfloor) my cost was low and I actually made enough money from the insurance to redo all the affected floors, replace the kitchen doors and install french doors leading to my patio. So I guess going with wodd was not that bad afterall- LOL!
  8. We have Pergo in the kitchen and Foyer and wherever a puppy has had an accident, it has expanded like wet particle board would.
    I 'll mention the porcelain....thank you very much! :)

  9. Thank you, Laura!
    I truly love wood and I love the old antique scratched look anyway!


  10. A blessing in the end!!!

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